N95 masks, which were in short supply

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during the epidemic prevention , have recently begun to plunge.

N95 Cost Below 1 Yuan

A search on major e-commerce platforms found that N95 masks are not only in sufficient supply but also the price has begun to plunge. N95 masks, which used to sell for more than 10 yuan a piece, are now everywhere with prices below 1 yuan.

According to China National Petroleum Corporation on January 10,

Dagang Petrochemical currently has the capacity to produce 11 tons of polypropylene fiber per hour, and is expected to complete 4,000 tons of production tasks within two weeks. According the calculation that one ton of polypropylene can produce 90-1 million disposable medical surgical masks, the production of N95 medical protective masks is about 20-250,000, that is 4,000 tons of polypropylene can produce nearly 4 billion medical surgical masks.

Li Liuyi, director of the infection control department of Peking University First Hospital, said in an interview with CCTV that most of the situations now are in a low-risk state of infection, and scientifically choose disposable or medical surgical masks . People don’t need to wear N95 masks in low-risk environments.

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