You Should Disable this Payment Functions on WeChat and Alipay

A recent hot topic on Weibo revolves around the trend of finding unlocked phones and using them for password-free payments, leading to discussions among netizens.

One case reported involves a citizen in Sichuan’s Luzhou finding a phone with over ¥5100 in WeChat balance, exploiting the lack of screen lock and making multiple payments until caught by the police.

Instances of theft through exploiting the password-free payment feature are not uncommon. Scammers pose as buyers, add merchants on WeChat, claim issues with Alipay QR codes, and manipulate merchants into revealing their payment codes, allowing the scammers to drain their balances.

To enhance security and prevent such incidents, users are advised to disable password-free payments. For WeChat, go to “Me” > “Services” > “Wallet” > “Payment Settings” > “Disable Password-Free Payment.”

For Alipay, navigate to “My” > “Settings” > “Payment Settings” > “Password-Free Payment/Auto Deduct” > disable small amount password-free payment.

Other apps like Meituan and Douyin have similar options on their payment pages.Authorities emphasize the convenience of password-free payments but also caution citizens to prioritize security.

Users are advised to use screen locks, enable two-factor authentication, and avoid sharing payment codes with others.

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