Wow! Flights to these Countries Cost Less than a Meal

The winter break and Spring Festival are approaching, marking the peak season for international travel.

Currently, ticket prices to Japan and Korea have hit a historic low, with users exclaiming:

“Even a meal costs more than this!”

There are also special deals for guided tours to “New Malaysia Thailand,” and these low prices will continue until January 31.

The off-peak travel ticket prices are very attractive, with Japan and Korea flights reaching “historical lows.”

As the Spring Festival approaches, there’s still a month left before the traditional tourism peak season. This means that during the final off-peak travel period, you can find many affordable travel products. If you still have unused annual leave, take advantage of this wave of “good value for money” and travel during the less crowded times.

A quick check reveals that it is indeed inexpensive. For instance, a direct flight from Shanghai to Jeju Island costs only a little over three hundred yuan. Some users jokingly remark that even a meal costs more than this! Flight tickets to Osaka and other places from Shanghai are also reasonably priced.

It’s a good deal to join a guided tour to “New Malaysia Thailand” before the Chinese New Year.

In the journalist’s social circle, many friends from travel agencies are currently promoting special routes to Southeast Asia. For example, a 5-night 6-day trip to Phuket departing on January 18/19 is priced at 1399 yuan, a 4-night 6-day trip to Singapore and Malaysia departing on January 23 is priced at 1999 yuan, and a 6-night 7-day trip to Bangkok and Pattaya departing on January 20/22/26 is priced at 999 yuan. Additionally, there’s a 6-day trip to Japan’s Honshu departing on January 23 for 3999 yuan and a 3-night 4-day trip to Hokkaido departing on January 26 for 4999 yuan.

A travel agency staff member told the journalist that since Thailand and Malaysia announced visa exemptions, flight prices have been continuously dropping. Local supply chain costs have also decreased, including hotel, bus, and tour guide labor costs. In this situation, there is an “over-supply” of route offerings, leading to a plethora of low-priced products in the market. However, these low prices will only last until the end of January. With the arrival of the Lunar New Year in February, there will be a “mini peak” in the outbound tourism market.

Are you planning to travel during the upcoming Chinese New Year?

Source: The Paper

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