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On October 15, it was revealed at a press conference that two duty-free shops will go operational on Hainan Islands. Among them, one in Haikou will officially open on October 28, which will become the world’s largest single duty-free shop

With the opening of these shops, the business area of duty-free shops on the island will more than double, from the existing 220,000 square meters to more than 500,000 square meters, greatly increasing passenger traffic and providing consumers with better shopping choices and experiences.

图片[1]-World's Largest Duty-free Shop Opens in Hainan

In 2020, there was a major adjustment in the tax exemption policy on the islands. The duty-free shopping quota for passengers was increased to 100000 yuan per person per year, and the duty-free goods increased to 45 categories. Shopping items covered all passengers, and convenient delivery methods such as “mail delivery, return to the island” were added.

Hainan’s move will provide consumers with better shopping choices and experiences and attract more people to visit and shop on the island. For example, many people go to Hong Kong not just for tourism, but for shopping. The new duty-free shops in Hainan will increase the attraction of its tourism and promote the development of shopping tours on Hainan’s tourist island.


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