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Woman Kills Husband with Rat Poisoning, Vendor Sentenced

In Xuyi County, Jiangsu Province, a tragic incident unfolded involving a woman named Cheng, who, amidst family disputes, resorted to a drastic measure. She purchased a lethal rat poison from a local vendor, Zhang, in the market. Zhang, a longtime vendor in the agricultural market, not only sold groceries but also dealt in regular rat poisons.

Zhang had acquired two packets of powdered rat poison from an individual from another area. Upon bringing them home, he mixed the poison with flour, creating a lethal concoction. Cheng, on two separate occasions, bought the powdered rat poison from Zhang and used it to poison her husband, Zhao.

After the incident, law enforcement authorities raided Zhang’s residence, where they discovered a significant quantity of powdered substances. Upon analysis, it was confirmed that the substance contained lethal components of rat poison. Consequently, the Xuyi County Prosecutor’s Office charged Zhang with the illegal sale and storage of dangerous substances, a charge that was upheld by the court.

The prosecutor highlighted the extreme toxicity of the substance, stressing that it surpassed arsenic in lethality. Moreover, the public was reminded of the stringent laws prohibiting the manufacture, sale, transport, and storage of such toxic substances. It was emphasized that there are no effective antidotes available for this particular poison.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder for the public to exercise caution when purchasing rodenticides, opting for products from reputable manufacturers and diligently scrutinizing packaging information to avoid inadvertently acquiring banned and toxic chemicals.

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