Will China Ban US Travelers? , Some Countries Advice Not to Go to China…

On January 9, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman.

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Wang Wenbin held a regular press conference in which he responded to questions regarding the US and other countries.

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Will US Travelers be Barred?

A reporter asked, “ You just mentioned the US strain, given that China has now reopened its borders, will it take measures against the situation in the United States? Will travelers from the U.S. be tested for the virus or barred from entry? “

Wang Wenbin said that after China released the overall plan for the “Class B and B tube”

of the new crown virus infection and the interim measures for the exchange of Chinese and foreign personnel, many countries expressed their welcome, but a few countries announced entry restrictions for passengers from China.

In this regard, with the greatest sincerity and a realistic attitude, China has fully communicated with these countries, and introduced in detail the scientificity and rationality of China’s optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention measures and the current epidemic situation in China.

However, it is regrettable that a small number of countries still insist on adopting discriminatory entry restrictions against China in disregard of science and facts, which China firmly opposes and will take reciprocal measures.

Wang Wenbin said that China again call on all parties to proceed from facts, scientifically and appropriately formulate epidemic prevention measures, and avoid politicizing epidemic prevention.

Some countries advice that their citizens should not go to China unless necessary.

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A reporter asked: We have noted that recently, the foreign ministries of Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and other countries said that in view of the surge in confirmed cases in China, it is recommended that their citizens do not go to China unless necessary. What is China’s response to this?

Wang Wenbin: China has always adhered to the principle of putting people and life first, and the severe disease and mortality rate of new crown virus infection are the lowest in the world.

The overall epidemic situation in China is improving, some provinces and cities in China have passed the peak of the epidemic, and production and life have accelerated to return to normal.

China has also always adhered to timely, openly and transparently sharing with the international community information on virus mutation surveillance and infected populations. Over the past three years, China has conducted more than 60 technical exchanges with the World Health Organization, including four in the past month. China also continue to share viral genetic data on new cases of infection through the Global Influenza Sharing Database.

We hope that all parties will uphold scientific principles, jointly ensure the safe and smooth flow of personnel from all countries, and contribute to international solidarity in fighting the epidemic and world economic recovery.


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