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Wife Pretends to Study Abroad While Cohabiting with 2 Other Men

Recently, a public indictment was released in Ji’an City, Jilin Province, which tells the story of a woman who cheated her husband of 150,000 yuan after getting married by pretending to be a graduate from abroad .
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In May 2020, the two met on a dating app and got married a year later, with the wife still claiming to be a graduate student . In December of the following year, Xiao fabricated a “German study abroad itinerary” and left Tian Moujia.

In January 2022, she lied that she was infected with COVID-19 in Germany and needed to be treated with specific drugs. She cheated Tian and his parents of 152503 yuan twice.

During their marriage , the wife cohabited with two men other men separately as boyfriend and girlfriend.

The Ji’an City Procuratorate in Jilin Province believes that the defendant Xiao has repeatedly defrauded others of their property for the purpose of illegal possession, and the amount involved is huge. Therefore, should be held criminally responsible for the crime of fraud.


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