What to do if Someone around you has a yellow Code?

1、 What to do if Someone around you has a yellow or Red Code??

When you find that the health code of your family and friends has changed to red or yellow, please remind them to take the initiative to report to their communities (villages), county-level CDC, work units, schools, or hotels, and cooperate with relevant departments in the prevention and control measures. In terms of nucleic acid sampling, the community health service centers have set up nucleic acid detection areas for yellow code personnel. On the way, protect yourself well and avoid using public transport. On the basis of good protection, please call 0551-12345 immediately for professionals to provide corresponding services.

2、 If my family has been assigned a code and I still have a green code, can I live with them?

If the family members are yellow code: yellow code personnel need home health monitoring and choose to live alone in a well-ventilated room. If conditions permit, try to use a separate toilet, try not to share articles of daily use with other members of the family, avoid close contact with family members, and advocate the serving of individual dishes during meals.

If the family members are in red code: the red code personnel need to conduct centralized health management. Only those who meet the conditions (special people who cannot be isolated in a centralized way according to the assessment of professionals) can be observed at home. The red code personnel for home observation need to live alone. If conditions do not permit, choose a room with good ventilation in the house as the isolation room, and limit their daily life and meals to the isolation room as much as possible to avoid sharing the toilet with other family members.

3、 If my family is assigned a code, can I travel freely if I am a green code?

Health code is not the only basis for implementing epidemic prevention measures. Even if it is green code, epidemic prevention and control departments have the right to take epidemic prevention measures according to laws and regulations according to epidemiological investigation.

If your family members are in yellow code: if you do not have any risk track or risk behavior in the near future, do a good job of personal protection, and you can travel freely with the green code (except for entering key places).

If the family members are red code, the red code personnel who have carried out centralized health management services will not affect the travel of the family members with green code. The common residents or caregivers of the red coded personnel isolated at home shall comply with the management requirements for medical observation in isolation at home, and shall not travel at will.

4、 If your family or friends have red or yellow codes, can you still have dinner with them?

The yellow code personnel shall not go out during the home health monitoring period. If they have to go out for medical treatment and other special circumstances, they shall do a good job of personal protection, wear N95/KN95 particulate matter protective masks and avoid taking public transport.

Red coded personnel are not allowed to go out during home isolation medical observation and refuse all visits. For those who really need to go out for medical treatment and other reasons, they can only be arranged with the approval of the medical observation management personnel in the community, and a special vehicle shall be arranged to ensure personal protection throughout the process and implement closed-loop management.

Therefore, if there are people with red or yellow code around us, we should postpone meeting them until the control measures are removed.

5、 How can I protect myself and reduce the risk of infection if my roommates are red and yellow?

(1) Keep the home ventilated, and try to open the doors and windows for ventilation every day. When using air conditioners, split air conditioners should be selected. If centralized air conditioners are used, ensure the normal operation of the air conditioners, increase the fresh air volume, and turn off the return air in the all air system.

(2) When living together with the red code personnel, other personnel shall not enter the isolation room as much as possible, and tables and stools can be placed at the door of the isolation room as the junction of non-contact transfer of goods. Keep a distance of more than 1m when it must be contacted, and wear medical surgical masks as required.

(3) Tableware used by red code personnel shall be cleaned and disinfected. The tableware is preferred to be boiled and sterilized for 15 minutes, or it can be soaked in a standard disinfectant solution for 15 minutes and then washed with clean water.

(4) Keep the home environment clean, and regularly ventilate and disinfect the toilet, bathroom and other shared areas; Regularly disinfect the surfaces of door handles, mobile phones, switches and other daily high-frequency contact items; When the towels, clothes, quilt covers, etc. of red coded personnel need to be cleaned, they should be placed separately, soaked with chlorine containing disinfectant meeting the standard for 30 minutes, or sterilized by boiling for 15 minutes and then rinsed with water.

(5) Do a good job of hand hygiene and pay attention to cough etiquette. Cover your mouth and nose with paper towels or use the inside of your elbows to cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. Throw the used paper towels into the trash can. If you contact respiratory secretions, wash your hands or disinfect your hands immediately.

(6) The garbage generated by the red code personnel in daily life needs to be sprayed with 75% alcohol for disinfection, then the plastic bags are fastened, and then discarded together with other garbage at home.

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