What is the Current Policy for Entering & Leaving Hefei

Hefei Railway Station has stopped checking nucleic acid certificates and health codes. Except for one point reserved for free nucleic acid detection, the nucleic acid detection facilities in the station have been removed.

The inspection of nucleic acid test certificates has also been stopped at highway crossings in Anhui Province. The nucleic acid sampling point at the border crossing point has been cancelled. Considering the convenience of the people, a free nucleic acid sampling point has been reserved at some highway crossings and stations.

When you leave Hefei by air, you no longer need longer nucleic acid certificates and health codes. The airport also keeps a free nucleic acid testing point to facilitate passengers’ voluntary nucleic acid testing. For passengers taking flights, if the destination airport still needs to check nucleic acid and health code, the airport will assist passengers.

For people arriving Hefei , there is no longer any landing inspection .

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