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What Happens if You Bring Down a Tree in Hefei?

What Happens if You Bring Down a Tree in Hefei?

Can trees planted in cities be pruned and felled at will? The answer, of course, is No!

Lujiang County People’s Court recently made a ruling to approve a related enforcement . In early November 2022, a man living in Lujiang County, Hefei , cut down 6 urban trees without authorization.

Investigators found that his behavior violated the provisions of Article 32, paragraph 1,of the Hefei Urban Greening Administration regulations:

The rule states that trees in the city, regardless of ownership, shall not be planted or cut down without authorization except for normal maintenance and pruning. If it is really necessary to transplant or cut down, it shall be approved by the competent department of greening administration.”

With reference to the relevant standards, the man was fined 4000 yuan in administrative punishment.

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