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Weibo English Center is Closing down -Rumor or Fact ?

A recent news about the closure of Weibo International English Centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other cities sent a wave of panic amongst it’s student community in Hefei.On October 13 ,reporters visited the Hefei CBD branch and saw that a class suspension notice had been posted.

Students at the scene told reporters that on the evening of October 12, they got news that Hefei Weibo English will be shutting its doors as well. The center posted a notice stating that the news of the closure in the other cities had created a panic, which seriously affected the school’s normal operation . And that classes will be suspended on October 13th, for  a day, to allow the center get back to normal operation .

The notice was also posted on the Weibo Maanshan Road Center.

On October 10th, Hefei Weibo had issued a statement on the rumors through its official Weibo and WeChat:“目前合肥韦博,健康运营,状况良好,感谢社会各界的关心与支持。 translated to read , At present, Hefei Weibo is operating well and in good condition, thanks for  your care and support .

Staffs at Hefei weibo centers also confirmed that everything was fine and running smoothly

However just a day later, Hefei Weibo issued a suspension notice.

At about 2 pm on October 13th, reporters once again visited the Weibo  Baida CBD Center and found that a large number of students had gathered trying to handle refunds and other related procedures.

At present, the police and education departments of the jurisdiction are investigating the issue .

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