On February 3, a netizen posted a video on a certain platform revealing that,“Dalian International Airport has a special card for Koreans entering the country”.

From the video , it can be seen that when the plane was about landing, flight attendants issued white cards to each Korean national , asking them to hold and also instructing the Koreans to head to a separate channel for nucleic acid testing.

In response , a staff at Dalian International Airport said that the airport is only responsible for landing guidance related services and it’s the duty of the airline to hand related landing cards , while nucleic acid testing is the responsibility of customs.

In fact , the flight attendants are Koreans and the flight belongs to Korean Air. The airline customer service explained, that the act of putting up a white card before landing is not a requirement of the airline as the airline doesn’t have such powers but a requirement from the relevant immigration authority.

At the same time, Korean Air stated that the white cards were not only for Koreans but for all non-Chinese passengers on board .

A call from Dalian Customs was forwarded to the Beijing headquarters.
The staff on the line said, “I have not received any relevant notice. At 4:00 pm, Dalian Customs closed work for the day .If you need to know more details, you can call Dalian Customs after 9:00 am the next day.”

According to a Beijing Daily report, on February 6, an official from the South Korean embassy in China said that with the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation in China, he hoped that the contradictions between the two countries around the epidemic prevention measures could be resolved as soon as possible, and claimed that the South Korean epidemic prevention policy was to protect the the people of his country and hope that the situation caused by the epidemic prevention measures will be alleviated within this month.

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