On February 11 , a video posted on Weibo , shows three foreign men lying across the entire row of seats in Wuhan subway. The author of the video replied in the comment area that he had given feedback to the subway staff.

In response , the subway customer service said that staff will stop and dissuade passengers from uncivilized behavior when noticed , and management of such will be further strengthened.

The matter has attracted widespread attention from locals . While some see it as a provocation to public order, others think it is a disrespect to passengers.

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4 thoughts on “Video : 3 Foreigners Lie on Wuhan Subway Occupying Entire Seat Rows”
  1. Perhaps they were just extremely tired and needed a rest.. I don’t anybody would like to embarass themselves like that.

  2. Who cares…In NYC, will see people do that when trains not crowded. If you need a seat, just speak up.[g=aoman]

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