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UPDATE: Hefei Exit and Entry Epidemic Control Policy

The city of Hefei advocates that residents do not have to leave the city. Those who do need to leave should not go to medium and high-risk areas, must obtain a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours, protect themselves throughout the trip, and report in time before returning to Hefei. (Added on October 20).

Persons who have recently traveled and lived in high, medium, and low-risk areas, inbound personnel returning to Hefei after quarantine release, and persons from outside the province (returning) should take the initiative to report to their units, communities or hotels through 0551-12345.

All personnel coming (returning) to Hefei must take 1 nucleic acid test immediately upon arrival, and those from outside the province and the epidemic city in the province must take 3 nucleic acid tests. For those who do not perform nucleic acid testing as required, SMS or Ankang code pop-up reminders will be carried out.

4. Encourage returnees not to have group dinner or go to crowded places for 7 days. Those who deliberately conceal or fail to report in time, resulting in the spread of the epidemic, will bear legal responsibility.

5. To take a bus, rail transit, taxi (online taxi), etc., you need to check the ankang code, itinerary code and hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.

6. To enter scenic spots, museums, galleries, libraries, shopping places and other crowded or closed places, you need to check the health code, itinerary code and hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.

7. The above measures will be dynamically adjusted according to the epidemic prevention and control situation, please pay attention to the authoritative release in time.

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