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University Says Married Students Must Sleep in Separate beds

China’s renowned Wuhan University now offers co-living dorms for married students with single beds instead of double beds, sparking curiosity among netizens.

The move is welcomed by student couples as it saves them the trouble of renting off-campus apartments and demonstrates the university’s support for their family lives.

However, some netizens raised questions about the narrow separate beds in the couple’s dormitory layout.

Wuhan University explains that the single beds allow couples with different schedules and majors to have personalized rest and study experiences.

“As long as the hearts are united, the number of beds doesn’t matter – love is abundant,” the university said.

The university also promises to adjust and improve the dormitory arrangement for students’ convenience and comfort.

Wuhan University is not the first university to offer dorms for married students, with Tongji University, Tianjin University, and Nankai University doing so in 2003, 2016, and 2017, respectively.

University's co-living dorms with separate beds raise eyebrows

Ti Gong

An interior photo of the “couples dormitory” reveals two single beds, two desks, and two closets.

Source: SHINE   Editor: Wang Xiang

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