September 11, 2022

Teacher Ordered to Return Teachers Day Gift

On September 11, the Education and Sports Bureau of Yancheng County, Henan Province, issued a statement about “teachers’ holiday gifts,” instructing a teacher to return the same amount of flowers to the parents of a student.

Recently, a teacher at a primary school in Yancheng County, Henan Province, “posted” gifts on social media to attract attention. The teacher’s “sunbathing” gift is a bouquet, a box of mooncakes, a box of drinks, and the text “The advantage of being a teacher is that I am very popular everywhere, thank you for the Teacher’s Day gift from Mother Wang.”

The move sparked concerns online. Some netizens said that sending flowers to teachers on Teachers’ Day is a normal holiday blessing and does not need to be over-interpreted. But more people held the view that receiving gifts from parents by teachers is a bad practice that must be curbed.
By the way ! Do you agree with this?x

An information note released by the Yancheng County Education and Sports Bureau on the matter said the teachers involved had been criticized and instructed to return the same amount of flowers to the parents of the students. The Yancheng County Education and Sports Bureau said that teachers should take this as a warning to further strengthen the construction of teacher morality.


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Sharif 🇬🇭 谢里夫 🇨🇳
Sharif 🇬🇭 谢里夫 🇨🇳
16 days ago

I think a gift 🎁 is a gift only if he didn’t force them to bring it. So why return it ?. Not fair


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