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Travel Smart in Hefei-TheSmartExpat

Are you

  • Tired of carrying coins around to pay for the bus ?
  • Tend to lose your bus card ?
  • On a budget and don’t want to get a cab ?

Well look no further , 乘车码 (chéng chē mâ) is here.乘车码 (chéng chē mâ) is a mini program found on Wechat. With this mini program you can pay for a bus ,search for the nearest bus stops ,find out what bus or buses you need to take to get to your destination. All you need to do is scan and Hefei is yours.

Step 1: Search for 乘车码 (chéng chē mâ) on WeChat

Step 2 : click into it and “obtain your location “

Step 3: Search for “Hefei (合肥)” and allow the mini program to connect to your wechat pay.

Step 4: Scan and pay

  Step 5: Pin the mini program for easy access and convenience.

TheSmartExpat are articles written by Expats for Expats.You can use the comment box to add more information and help improve on the article .Also feel free to send us your own article and we will gladly publish .

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