Made in Hefei: World’s Highest Resolution Commercial Tungsten Filament SEM

The world’s first commercial tungsten filament scanning electron microscope with a resolution of 2.5 nanometers was born in Hefei , breaking the long-standing technical bottleneck of this technology.

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Electron microscope is a powerful tool in the field of material research, quality control and failure analysis. As a widely used high-end scientific instrument, SEM in China has been monopolized by imported brands for a long time, and there is a gap between domestic SEM and foreign brands in technology and product performance.

Tungsten filament scanning electron microscope has the characteristics of high cost performance, easy maintenance, relatively simple operation and small site requirements, which is convenient for the public to use. However, for a long time, the resolution of tungsten filament scanning electron microscopy has stagnated, and it is difficult to achieve the user’s pursuit of higher resolution. The technical team of the quantum electron microscope of the National Instrument has carried out scientific research for this technical bottleneck. The solution of adding a 10kV high voltage tube (high voltage tunneling technology) from the anode to the objective pole shoe in the lens tube was pioneered, and the resolution of all voltage bands was significantly higher than that of ordinary tungsten filament EM.

According to reports, the SEM3300 has a resolution of 2.5nm at 20kV, which is 16% higher than the ordinary tungsten filament SEM, and has become the highest resolution commercial tungsten filament SEM in the world. At the same time, as the “king” of tungsten filament electron microscopy, SEM3300 shows outstanding resolution at any voltage – 4nm at 3kV, Compared with ordinary tungsten filament electron microscope increased by 2 times, the resolution of 1kV reached 5nm, compared with ordinary tungsten filament electron microscope increased by 3 times, so as to meet the analysis and testing needs of more materials.

Industry insiders said that at present, China will transform and upgrade the manufacturing industry as a long-term development strategy. As a powerful analytical instrument, SEM will play a great role in improving the innovation ability and product quality of manufacturing industry.

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