Take Note! Hefei Will Conduct Night Inspection for these Illegalities on Electric Bikes

Notice on Conducting Night Inspections for Electric Bicycles

To thoroughly advance the nationwide comprehensive management of safety hazards associated with electric bicycles, and to strictly address prominent issues such as illegal parking, charging, and unauthorized modifications, we will conduct night inspections across the city in accordance with the national directive. The details are as follows:

1. Night Inspection Schedule

From late May to mid-June, once a week. The specific dates and times for the inspections are:

  • Evening of May 23
  • Evening of May 29
  • Evening of June 5
  • Evening of June 12

2. Key Areas of Inspection

  1. Illegal parking and charging of electric bicycles in public lobbies, evacuation routes, stairwells, and safety exits of high-rise residential buildings.
  2. Use of building overhead spaces that lack fire safety measures (such as fire separation, fire equipment, and organized vehicle parking) for parking and charging electric bicycles.
  3. Illegal occupation and blockage of evacuation routes and safety exits by parked or charging electric bicycles, including bringing them into buildings or homes.
  4. Illegal parking and charging of electric bicycles in self-built houses, “three-in-one” premises (integrating living, storage, and production or business operations), street-front stores, and night operation venues.
  5. Unauthorized modifications to electric bicycles, such as altering original electrical parts, removing speed limits, adding external battery racks, modifying battery compartments, or replacing batteries with higher capacity ones.

We urge all social units, residential property service companies, and the general public to actively inspect and rectify any illegal behaviors, eliminate safety hazards, and cooperate with the night inspections. For individuals who repeatedly violate the regulations by bringing electric bicycles into buildings or homes, and for those involved in illegal modifications, the relevant authorities will impose strict penalties according to the law.

Issued by the Hefei Fire Safety Committee Office

May 23, 2024

Source: Hefei Fire Online, Hefei Release

Original Title: “Starting Tonight, Citywide Night Inspections in Hefei!”

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