Take Note : Hefei Issues Notice to E-Bike Riders

Notice on Enhancing Electric Bicycle Safety Management in Residential Areas

On February 25th, the Housing Security and Property Management Bureau of Hefei City issued a directive titled “Notice on Enhancing Electric Bicycle Safety Management in Residential Areas.” This directive aims to strengthen the safety protocols surrounding electric bicycles within residential complexes, in light of the tragic fire incident on February 23rd in Nanjing City’s Yuhuatai District. The objective is to ensure the safety of residents’ lives and property by strictly regulating the parking and charging of electric bicycles.

Key Points of the Notice:

  1. Improved Management of Electric Bicycle Parking Areas:
  • Property management companies are instructed to oversee the strict implementation of inspections for newly constructed residential areas to ensure compliance with regulations regarding non-motor vehicle parking facilities and electric bicycle charging stations.
  • Community organizations at the street level are tasked with facilitating the selection of appropriate locations for new electric bicycle parking areas or additional charging facilities in existing residential compounds. Residents’ input should be sought, and partnerships with reputable operators for construction and operation are encouraged.
  • Stringent prohibitions are enforced against cluttering parking and charging areas with debris or making unauthorized modifications to charging facilities. Property management companies are required to equip these areas with fire extinguishing equipment in accordance with fire safety regulations and establish temporary parking zones for delivery vehicles.
  1. Regulation of Electric Bicycle Parking Behavior:
  • Property management companies are instructed to install clear signage in designated parking areas to guide residents on proper parking practices. Strict prohibitions are imposed on parking or charging electric bicycles in indoor areas that obstruct public access or pose safety risks.
  • Enhanced patrols are emphasized to promptly identify and rectify violations, ensuring unimpeded access to restricted areas. Measures to prevent electric bicycles from entering elevators and the installation of barriers to restrict their use within buildings are encouraged.
  1. Strengthened Management of Electric Bicycle Charging:
  • Property management companies are tasked with intensifying oversight of existing charging facilities, conducting regular inspections, and maintenance to promptly mitigate safety hazards. Collaboration with law enforcement and emergency response departments is encouraged to enhance enforcement and compliance efforts.
  1. Resident Education and Awareness:
  • Authorities are urged to disseminate clear and accessible guidelines on electric bicycle safety through various channels, including public spaces within residential compounds and community events.
  • Lessons from recent fire incidents should be utilized to educate residents effectively on the importance of adhering to safety protocols. Innovative methods such as social media campaigns and door-to-door outreach are encouraged to foster awareness and promote safety consciousness.
  1. Intensified Routine Inspections:
  • Property management authorities are instructed to bolster supervision and inspection efforts regarding the safety management of electric bicycles within residential compounds. Immediate corrective actions are to be taken for identified violations, with legal recourse pursued against persistent offenders.

In summary, the notice emphasizes the shared responsibility of property management companies, residents, and local authorities in ensuring the safe operation of electric bicycles within residential areas. It underscores the need for proactive measures, effective enforcement, and ongoing education to mitigate risks and promote community safety.

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