Take Note : Hefei Airport Expects Peak Season on these Dates

The 2024 Spring Festival travel season is set to begin, with the first peak of passenger travel expected in Anhui from February 8 to 10 for outbound travel and the second peak from February 16 to 19 for returning home.

Popular destinations include Harbin in the northeast, Boao in Hainan, Xishuangbanna, and Kunming in Yunnan, as well as international routes to Singapore. Ice and snow tours, as well as island getaways, are the most favored by travelers.

According to the Civil Aviation Administration, the national civil aviation passenger transport volume during the 2024 Spring Festival is predicted to exceed 80 million people, a 9.8% increase from 2019 and a 44.9% increase from 2023.

During the Spring Festival, China Eastern Airlines plans to operate 2,334 flights from Anhui, with a daily average of 58 flights, marking a 33.30% increase compared to 2023 and a 33.83% increase compared to 2019.

Hefei will have 2,046 flights, with a daily average of 51 flights, showing a 38.71% increase from 2023 and a 43.38% increase from 2019, reaching a historical peak of 53 daily flights.

China Eastern Airlines has arranged 5 additional flights in Anhui during the Spring Festival, with a total of 191 additional flights.

The new route from Hefei to Shenzhen is added for the Spring Festival, while others involve increased frequency on existing routes, such as Hefei to Beijing Daxing, Guilin, Yantai for domestic routes, and Hefei to Singapore for international routes. The Hefei to Singapore route will operate 5 times a week during the Spring Festival. (Reporter: Yu Jiaojiao)

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