Summer Holiday Time for Hefei Schools Set

It is learned from the Hefei Municipal Education Bureau that this year’s summer vacation for compulsory education schools will start on July 1, and that for ordinary high schools, is July 8, 2023 (Saturday).
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Compulsory education schools and grades one and two of high school will register for the next semester on August 31st and officially start classes on September 1st; The third year of high school will officially start classes on August 24th.

The start time of summer vacation this year is the same as last year, and the total duration of holidays for each grade is not significantly different from last year. The summer vacation time in kindergartens shall refer to compulsory education schools, and the summer vacation time in vocational schools shall refer to ordinary high schools. Schools for foreign kids will and the Tibetan class of Hefei No.35 Middle School shall be implemented by reference.

The Hefei Municipal Education Bureau stressed that the competent education departments of all counties (cities) and districts should strictly implement the “double reduction” work requirements, prohibit the paid tutoring of primary and secondary school in-service teachers, and prohibit off campus training institutions from organizing discipline training during the summer vacation; Regularly carry out inspections and supervision, and increase the investigation and punishment of hidden mutation and violation training behaviors.

Schools are not allowed to request or organize students to attend classes, make up classes, or organize self-study for any reason during holidays, nor are they allowed to organize online collective makeup classes; We need to coordinate summer homework for various disciplines by grade, control the total amount of homework, improve the quality of homework, and establish a mechanism for evaluating the effectiveness of summer homework.


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