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Win 2000 RMB !!!Submit a short video of Swan Lake Scenic area to join the contest

If you’re fascinated by the Swan Lake in Hefei, why not capture its beautiful sceneries on camera? The city is calling for submissions of short videos no more than 15s from Aug 24 to Sept 8 to win as much as 2,000 yuan ($280).

Steps too join the contest are as follows :

  1. Use your mobile phone to shoot video within 15 seconds in the background of Swan Lake and surrounding scenery;
  2. Upload the video on the “Shoushan Bijiashan” WeChat Public Account
  3. Wait for approval
  4. Wait for online votes  , Expert selection and  final announcement of the list of winners.

Contestants are advised to use tremolo, volcano video and Wechat platforms to shoot, produce and publish their videos. The above platform’s playback and number of compliments are also important references for award evaluation. Contestants should keep the original video information on their mobile phones for checks when the need arises .The organizer owns the copyright of all entries and the right of final interpretation of the rules.

The competition has the following awards:

  • First prize 1, 2000 yuan;
  • Second prize 3, 1000 yuan per prize;
  • Third prize 10, 500 yuan per prize;
  • Participation prize 80 (gifts worth 50 yuan).

Source :China Daily

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