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Student Hit and Killed by Falling Ice Block

Though icicles are beautiful, they can indeed pose a danger.

These worries have sadly become a reality! On the morning of January 5th, a student at Ludong University in Yantai, Shandong, was hit in the head by a falling icicle.

Previously circulated images on the internet showed a young person in a hooded down jacket lying on the ground with a large amount of dark red blood around the mouth and nose, and an icicle stuck in the head. Medical personnel from the Yantai Shan Hospital South Campus responded, stating that the young man suffered severe head injuries, and despite ineffective rescue efforts, he unfortunately passed away.

The staff member mentioned, “He was brought to the hospital around 10 a.m. on the 5th, and we were continuously trying to rescue him until the afternoon.

After the family arrived, we gave up the rescue efforts; it lasted for six or seven hours.” Witness Mr. Zhang said that he saw the ice block falling and tried to warn, but it was too late. The ice block was irregularly shaped and about the size of a double bed.

The student who was hit attempted to dodge but was not successful. After being struck, the student suffered head injuries, with blood coming from the mouth and nose.

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