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Strawberry Town Opens in Changfeng ,Hefei

On March 3th, the 4th Changfeng Strawberry Cultural Tourism Festival opened in Changfeng Shuihu Town. It is reported that the strawberry planting area of Shuihu is 6,3 mu, and a strawberry town of 96 square kilometers is being built.

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Shuihu is an important strawberry town in Changfeng County, with a strawberry planting area of 6,12 mu and an output of 124000 tons.

The town will focus on the investment and supporting construction of “rural e-commerce maker center, strawberry brand operation center, strawberry food processing park, cold chain storage and logistics park, strawberry theme homestay, strawberry sightseeing factory, strawberry theme restaurant, wetland park, rural industrial community, strawberry happy valley” and other aspects to help rural revitalization.

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It is reported that Strawberry Town has built a strawberry industry development park integrating strawberry planting, picking sightseeing, eco-tourism and cultural experience, and tourism and leisure picking are booming.

As the “Strawberry Capital of China”, Changfeng County has a strawberry planting area of 21,35 mu, an output of 102,2 tons, and a strawberry brand value of 10.22 billion yuan.

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