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VIDEO: Step Father Installs Hidden Camera in Girl’s Bedroom

VIDEO: Step Father Installs Hidden Camera in Girl’s Bedroom

On February 13, a high school girl in Liaoning Province posted a video on an online platform, claiming that her stepfather had installed a camera in her bedroom.

The girl said in the video that she was unaware of the situation , and taken aback when she accidentally discovered the camera. Because she was at a loss, she went to her mother to find a solution, but didn’t expect that her mum knew about it all along.

From the video, the girl can be heard asking her mother emotionally: “Are you still my mother? You knew that he installed a camera, and you know it is wrong. You didn’t call the police, and you stand for him!”

At present, the police have intervened in the investigation and should first order the stepfather to dismantle the camera. As for whether it is an administrative violation or a criminal offense, depends on whether the police can obtain sufficient evidence.

Detention or fines shall be imposed according to the Punishment Law.” Yuan Xinwei, a lawyer, told reporters that in addition, civil proceedings can be considered to demand compensation for mental damage from the stepfather.

At the same time, the local education department, women’s federation and minor protection organization should intervene in this matter to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the girl, and change the guardian if necessary.

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