Spring Festival Kicks off Today , Hefei Issues Travel Guideline

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On the occasion of the 40-day 2023 Spring Festival kicking off today, the Hefei Municipal Transportation Bureau issued travel guidelines to ensure safe and orderly travel for the public.

The pre-sale period for tickets has been adjusted to 7 days

In order to avoid the gathering of people, passengers are requested to purchase tickets through self-service ticket vending machines or in advance through the following Internet platforms:

Anhuimei Travel Official Website (www.wanmeibus.com), Anhuimei Travel APP client, “Anhuimei Travel” WeChat public account, etc.

After purchasing a ticket , passengers can automatically identify the e-ticket by swiping their ID card when entering the station.

Those taking the airport bus should be aware that the Hefei Passenger Airport Bus has 4 routes from the city. They are:

  • Line 1 departure: Bus Station – Holiday Inn Park View – Airport Return: Airport – Daximen – Sanxikou – Chaohu Road – Mingguang Road Bus Station – Bus Station;
  • Line 2 exit: Baihuajing – Lu’an Road – Airport, return: Airport – 16 Xiao – Shuanggang – Baihuajing;
  • Line 3 departure: high-speed railway station – airport, return journey: airport – passenger transport west station – high-speed railway station;
  • Line 4 departure: Century Jinyuan Hotel – Swan Lake Hotel – Shili Temple – Airport return: Airport – Shili Temple – Swan Lake Hotel – Century Jinyuan Hotel.

Hefei Municipal Bureau of Transportation reminds that during the Spring Festival, the general public is requested to arrange their itinerary reasonably, try to travel at different peaks, improve awareness of protection, and be the first responsible person for their own health.

Always wear a mask, actively reduce gatherings, observe cough etiquette, maintain physical distancing, and maintain hand hygiene. In addition, if you have difficulties during your trip or notice a traffic violation or irregularity, you can report a complaint by calling the Traffic Services Supervision number 12328.

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