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Sport is an interesting topic in IELTS Speaking, and the frequency of facing the topic in the IELTS speaking test is really high. Hence, you need to prepare for this. One way you can do that is to use some useful collocations & phrases to sound more natural and native. In this post, I will share with you some useful vocabulary about Sport which I believe can help you to impress the examiners & gain a 7 or higher in IELTS Speaking.

To commence with, I would like to give you some ideas about the Pros and Cons of Sport that help you not only in speaking test but also in writing test.


  • Feel a sense of enjoyment

    Example: Whenever I play football with my friends, I feel a sense of enjoyment although I sweat a lot.
  • Have an opportunity to socialize

    Example: Participating in a sport allows you to socialize, which means you can meet and make new friends

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  • Face the risk of injury

    Example: You should be careful when playing sports otherwise you will face the risk of injury.
  • Need large investment of time

    Example: Playing a sport will need a large investment of time.

Collocations and Phrases for IELTS Speaking Test – Topic:Sport

1. To take up exercise: to start doing exercise

Example: I say I’m going to take up exercise all the time, but I always find an excuse to delay.

2. To train hard: to train with a lot of effort

Example: An athletic has to train hard to achieve their goal.

3. To do judo: 

Example: My friend is physically very strong. She does judo every day.

4. To play tennis/football:

Example: At the weekends I like to play football with friends, and sometimes I just do judo to kill my times.

5. A strong swimmer: a good swimmer

Example: My father who is a strong swimmer teaches me how to swim.

6. To get into shape: to become fit

Example: My brother does many exercises, which help him to get into shape.

7. To keep fit: to stay in a good physical condition

Example: I try to keep fit by consuming healthy food and doing exercise regularly

8. To go jogging: to run around the street

Example: I usually go jogging with my mother in the park which is near my house in the early morning or the afternoon.

9. To set a record: to achieve the best result in a sport

Example: All athletics always want to set a record or get personal bests.

10. Sports facilities: the equipment and services needed to do a sport

Example: My university spends a lot of money on upgrading the sports facilities.

11. A personal best: to achieve the best result so far in the sport

Example: Sara trains hard to achieve her personal bests.

12. Brisk walk: a fast walk

Example: Doing a brisk walk is one of the best ways to maintain our health.

13. A big/huge/massive fan of: supporter or admirer who really like something

Example: I am a huge fan of football, and my favourite club is Real Marid.

14. To be out of condition: to be not physical fit

Example: Lacking of doing exercise and playing sport can lead to being out of condition.

15. An athletics meeting: an event where various athletics sports are held

Example: It has been my dream to go to an athletics meeting with my family to watch sports, especially football matches.

16. A football match: a game of football

Example: I have never missed a football match of my favourite club.


IELTS Speaking Part 1

1. Do you do any sport?

Absolutely yes, I am fond of playing football with my friends after school, because we are big fans of football, and whenever playing it, we have a lot of fun with that and feel a sense of enjoyment.

2. Do you watch sports on TV?

Football is my favourite sport to watch on TV. Since I a huge football fan, I have barely missed football matches of my favourite team including away games and home games. I prefer to spend my Sunday night staying at home to see a match with my father.

3. What is the most popular sport in your country?

In my opinion, I believe football is the most common sport in my country. This is because it is not too hard to take up the sport. In terms of watching a football match, this can bring so much fun to the viewer, not to mention that the sport does not cost much money to play and watch, which allow people to find it easy to approach.

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe your favourite sport.

You should say:

  • What is the name of the sport?
  • When do you play it?
  • How do you feel after playing it?
  • And explain why do you like it?

Band 8.0 Sample Answer 

Since I was a little boy, I began to fall for football, and until now I have ever stopped loving the sport. At the very beginning, I first came to know football when my father took me to watch a football match in which our local team played against their biggest competitor. Although our team lose that match, I knew that they had trained hard to prepare for the big match, also during the match, they showed their determination to win that game. All of this made me love our team and to start to fall in love with the interesting sport. After that, I always followed our local team and asked my father to buy season tickets, then I would never miss any games of my favourite team.

Apart from watching football, I am also into playing it. Thus, whenever I have spare time, I prefer to spend on playing football with my friends, which is not only easy for us to take up but also give us a sense of enjoyment. Though it makes me sweat a lot anytime I play with the ball, I love the fact that I always have a great time with my buddy. In addition, I was proud that by playing football regularly I can get into shape, then my relatives compliment on my fit body each time we meet.

Finally, I believe that does not matter that how busy I will be in the future, I will constantly spend a part of my time on football, and my love for football will never be faded.

IELTS Speaking Part 3

1. Should people be encouraged more to take up a sport?

Definitely yes, the most important reason is that playing sports can be regarded as a recreational activity. Indeed, while in the modern world individuals have to suffer from a high level of stress at work or school, so this activity can allow people to reduce stress significantly and feel comfortable. Another reason is anticipating in the sport will allow people to socialize, which means they can meet and make new friends.

2. Which sport do you think is best for people who aren’t used to physical activity?

In my point of view, this kind of people won’t prefer strenuous exercise, so brisk walking can be a great choice because the sport does not require a high level of fitness. Also, going on a brisk walk regularly help people to keep fit and have a good effect on their health. People who aren’t used to physical activity can also choose swimming, which is easy to take up and after go swimming, they can feel a sense of freshness.

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