Specific Covid-19 Self-testing Process

1. Preparation before antigen self-test:

1. Wash your hands.

2. Read the antigen reagent manual to understand the self-test process and precautions.

3. Check the shelf life and integrity of the reagent.

4. The ambient temperature is 14°C-30°C to avoid humidity. Unpack the antigen test card and place it on a flat, clean surface.

图片[1]-Specific Covid-19 Self-testing Process

2. Sample collection:

People over the age of 14 can take their own nasal swab samples. Start by blowing your nose with toilet paper. Carefully open the nasal swab, avoiding hand contact with the swab head. Then tilt the head slightly, hold the tail of the swab with one hand, stick to one nostril, slowly penetrate 1-1.5 cm along the bottom of the lower nasal passage, then rotate the nasal cavity at least 4 times (stay not less than 15 seconds), then repeat the same operation for the other nasal cavity with the same swab. Self-test takers aged 2-14 should be sampled by adults.

  图片[2]-Specific Covid-19 Self-testing Process

3. Antigen test:

1. According to the reagent instructions, immediately after collection, put the nasal swab into the sampling tube, rotate the swab head and mix it in the preservation solution for at least 30 seconds, and squeeze the swab head by hand through the outer wall of the sampling tube at least 5 times to ensure that the sample is fully eluted in the sampling tube.

2. Squeeze the swab head liquid by hand through the outer wall of the sampling tube and discard the swab. After the sampling tube is capped, the liquid is dropped vertically into the sample well of the test card.

3. Wait a certain amount of time to interpret the results according to the reagent instructions.

  图片[3]-Specific Covid-19 Self-testing Process


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