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Shanghai to Ningbo Latest Quarantine Policy

Health management measures from Shanghai to Ningbo (continuous update).

(Updated to September 26, 2022).

High-risk areas or areas managed with reference to high-risk areas (7-day centralized isolation for medical observation).

  1. Qingpu District : Liantang Town Steaming Xia Village west to the Xijing River, east to Zhenxi North Road, south to the small steaming port, north to the small steaming back river (Chinese Names: 练塘镇蒸夏村西至西泾江、东至贞溪北路、南至小蒸港、北至小蒸后河的区域)
  2. Songjiang District : Fangsong Street, South Period Chang Road 459 Lane Jianghong Community (Chinese Name :方松街道南期昌路459弄江虹小区)

Low-risk areas or areas managed with reference to low-risk areas (3-day daily health monitoring).

  1. Qingpu District: Other areas of Liantang Town, Qingpu District .(Chinese Name: 青浦区练塘镇的其他地区)
  2. Songjiang District: Other areas of Fangsong Subdistrict, Songjiang District, except for high-risk areas (Chinese Name: 松江区方松街道除高风险区之外的其他地区)
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