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Severe bullying discovered at Shanxi school

Two 9-year-old students at the Dacheng Bilingual School in Datong, Shanxi Province, have faced legal repercussions for their repeated acts of humiliation, physical abuse, and sexual assault against a fellow dormitory mate, according to an announcement issued by the local government.

The two young aggressors surnamed Zhao and Jin have been given formal warnings by public security authorities, and are required to undergo psychological counseling and behavior correction programs. Their guardians have received admonishments and are mandated to participate in family education and guidance programs.

The school headmaster was removed from his post while two deputy headmasters and two teachers were fired. The school was ordered to improve its management and its enrollment scaled back.

The case came to light after the parent of the victim surnamed Sun took to social media to share their concerns. According to the parent, their 10-year-old son endured bullying from his two classmates for approximately a year and a half.

According to his parent, Sun’s emotional distress reached a critical point where he contemplated self-harm. It was during a conversation with his grandmother that Sun revealed the torment he had been enduring.

Various local authorities, including education, public security, prosecution, and judicial departments participated in the investigation.

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