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Several Dog Owners in Hefei Fined for This

Recently 11 people in Hefei were fined for walking their dogs without leashes. A lively Husky, unleashed by its owner, caused distress to children by chasing them in a park. An eye witness tried to advise the dog owner to leash the dog, but the response was dismissive.

She then reported the incident to the urban management department, leading to fines of 50 yuan imposed on several dog owners by the Hefei Economic Development Zone Emergency Urban Management Bureau.

The department aims to enhance citizens’ awareness of civilized dog ownership and emphasizes the importance of using leashes, especially in public areas. The authorities highlight a combination of penalties and education to ensure citizens adhere to dog ownership regulations, including using leashes, not taking dogs on public transport, and cleaning up after them. The majority of the individuals involved expressed willingness to learn from the experience and comply with dog ownership rules.

The management department advises citizens to assess themselves and be mentally prepared before deciding to keep a dog, urging the use of leashes to prevent incidents and proper disposal of pet waste.If you have any specific questions or if there’s something else you’d like to know, feel free to ask!

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