On May 20th, a traditional Chinese collective wedding ceremony took place at Luogang Park in Hefei. The event saw 288 couples from key projects of China Railway Fourth Bureau across the country exchanging vows. Dressed in formal attire, these couples celebrated their union in the presence of family, friends, colleagues, and leaders.

He Shushan, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Anhui Provincial People’s Congress and Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, emphasized in his speech the importance of family as a cornerstone for national development, social progress, and harmony. He highlighted that young employees are not only the driving force of corporate development but also pillars of family building. He stated that marriage signifies embarking on a new mission for family harmony and happiness.

Among the couples were Zheng Wei and Zheng Beibei from the Municipal Engineering Division of China Railway Fourth Bureau, who have known each other for over ten years. They worked together on the challenging Asseclement Industrial Park project in Ethiopia. During the final year of the project from early 2022 to 2023, they were the only two team members on-site, handling numerous tasks under significant pressure. Despite the hardships, their bond grew stronger, and the project was successfully completed in May 2023. Recognized for her outstanding performance, Zheng Beibei was honored as one of the nation’s top youth job experts.

Another couple, Gangbatu from the International Business Department of China Railway Fourth Bureau and his Mongolian partner Enh Sazula, shared their unique cross-cultural journey. After meeting in 2022, they embraced each other’s cultural traditions and values, leading to a deep mutual understanding and respect.

The collective wedding in Hefei marked the fifth consecutive year that China Railway Fourth Bureau has hosted such an event, starting in 2019.

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