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School Fire Kills 13 People in Henan

On January 19th, a fire broke out at Yingcai School in Yanshupu Village, Dushu Town, Fangcheng County, Nanyang City, Henan Province. The incident was reported to the Fangcheng County 119 Command Center at 23:00, triggering a swift response from the fire brigade. They managed to extinguish the flames by 23:38.

Tragically, the fire resulted in 13 fatalities, while one person sustained injuries. The injured individual is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital, and their condition is reported to be stable.

In response to the incident, leaders from Henan Province and Nanyang City promptly arrived at the scene. An incident disposal command was established to investigate the cause of the fire and manage post-incident procedures.

As part of the response efforts, the head of the school involved in the incident has been taken into custody. The authorities are actively engaged in addressing the aftermath of this unfortunate event.

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