Scan the Code to Participate ! Anhui Covid-19 Survey

Scan the Code to Participate ! Anhui Covid-19 Survey

In order to dynamically understand the infection situation of residents in Anhui Province, analyze the development trend of the epidemic, and provide a scientific basis for epidemic prevention and control and medical treatment decision-making, Anhui CDC launched the second round of online investigation this week, and you are cordially invited to scan the QR code below to participate in filling out the questionnaire.

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1. This survey does not involve any personal real-name information, please feel free to participate and fill in truthfully.

2. This survey is a population-wide infection rate survey, regardless of whether you are infected with the new crown, you can participate.

3. This survey is conducted once a week, regardless of whether you participated in the first round of surveys, you can participate in this round of surveys.

4. This survey is planned to be carried out on one day, that is, December 26, 10:00-24:00.

5. This survey does not set up any lottery and advertising push activities, please pay attention to identification!

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