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Antigen Self Test Process
I. Preparation for antigen self-test

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Read the manual of the antigen reagent, understand the self-test process and precautions.
  3. Check the shelf life and integrity of the reagents.
  4. The ambient temperature should be 14 °C -30 °C, avoid humidity. Unpack the antigen detection card and place it on a flat and clean surface.

II. Sample Collection

People over 14 years of age, can have nasal swab sampling performed by themselves .

Blow your nose with toilet paper first.

Carefully unwrap nasal swab and avoid touching the swab head with hands. Then slightly till the head and attach the tail to one side of the nostril. Along the bottom of the lower nasal meatus slowly backward 1-1.5 cm after the nasal rotation at least 4 times and then use the same swab to repeat the same operation on the other nasal cavity.

Those aged 2-14 should be sampled by another adult.

III. Antigen Detection

  • After collection , immediately place the nasal swap in the sampling tube according to the reagent instructions, Rotate the swab head and mixed in the preservation solution for at least 30 seconds . Squeeze the swap head by hand through the outer wall of the sampling tube at least 5 times to ensure that the sample is adequately eluted in the sampling tube.
  • 2 Squeeze the liquid from the swab head by hand across the outer wall of the sampling tube, and discard the swabs. After the sampling tube is covered, drop the liquid vertically into the sample hole of the detection card.
  • According to the reagent instructions, wait for a certain period of time to interpret the results.

Antigen test results
Query and display

  1. How to check the test results:
  2. Negative results indicated by the red or purple bands shown at “C” and no bands at “T.”
  3. The positive results indicated when “C” and “T” show red or purple bands, “T” band color can be dark or light.
  4. Invalid results indicated when  no red or purple band is displayed at “C,” regardless of whether a band is displayed at “T.” The result is invalid.
Results Show Schematic

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