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Latest Quarantine Policy for Returning to Sichuan from Outside

Requirements for personnel coming (returning) to Sichuan On the basis of continuing to implement the management measures for people with …
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Shanghai to Ningbo Latest Quarantine Policy

Health management measures from Shanghai to Ningbo (continuous update). (Updated to September 26, 2022). High-risk areas or areas managed with reference …
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Hefei Says Don't Charge or Park your Bike at these Places

On September 27, the 36th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th Provincial People’s Congress deliberated the Regulations on …
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Hefei Entry and Exit Policy During National Day

Some citizens inquired about the National Day holiday and the arrangements for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Hefei …
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Chengdu Advocates for Residents to Stay in the City for National Day

Chengdu advocates residents to celebrate the National Day festival in the city and reduce cross-city travel. However, if it is …
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Ningbo Nucleic Acid Test Result Query Methods

In order to facilitate the general public to quickly inquire about the nucleic acid test results of medical institutions in …
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Chengdu: How often do You Have to Take Covid-19 Test Now?

Different populations have different nucleic acid requirements, as follows: Ordinary residents: The city has set up normalized nucleic acid sampling …
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Come/Return to Ningbo Latest Quarantine Policy

The following policies are provincial policy requirements, the municipal level recommends that you call 0574-12345 before returning or consult the street/community …
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