Primary School Teacher Hit and Shatters Student’s Skull with a Ruler

A primary school teacher has been detained by police after hitting a student in the head with a triangular ruler, shattering her skull.

The incident occurred while the teacher, identified only by his surname Song, was organizing an after-class service.

The female student was taken to the hospital for treatment following the injury. According to the Yuelu District Education Bureau, Song has been suspended from his duties. The Yuelu Public Security Bureau suspects Song of intentional injury, and further investigation is underway.

According to the school’s official WeChat account, Song, who is 40 years old and an information technology teacher, has previously won teaching awards.

The incident was reported by a parent in a Bocai Meixihu Primary School WeChat group. It has been revealed that the school asked a doctor to suture the student’s wound before it was medically examined. The parent was not informed until the child was receiving treatment.

After a five-hour craniotomy operation, the foreign object and shattered skull have been removed from the student’s head.

Although still in critical condition, the young girl has regained consciousness and is now able to communicate with doctors, according to Jiupai News.

Ti Gong

The wound on the child’s head is about 5cm deep.

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