Prices & Addresses : 36 Places to go Camping in Hefei

Are you looking for the perfect camping spot in Hefei? Look no further! In this section, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of 36 amazing camping destinations in Hefei, complete with their addresses and prices. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, Hefei offers a wide range of camping options that cater to all preferences and budgets. So grab your tent and get ready to embark on an unforgettable outdoor experience in the beautiful city of Hefei.

In Feidong

  1. Overseas Chinese Villa 侨乡别院

Address: Hefei City Feidong County Jianghuai Qiao Township Liujia Qiao Hometown Villa 合肥市肥东县江淮侨乡六家畈·侨乡别院

Equipment: canopy, tables and chairs, lamp strings, barbecue, bonfire, outdoor KTV, etc

Cost: 200 yuan per person

Reason for recommendation: Overseas Chinese Villa covers an area of 11000,1000 square meters, with 5000,220 square meters of Chinese-style gardens and 1,2022 square meters of natural lawns, which can accommodate several people for dining and outdoor team building. It is only 1km away from Hongshi Tsui Park, and has won the first place among the top ten famous special food shops in Hefei..

2. Ba Tang B&B 畈塘民宿

Address: Hefei City Feidong County Jianghuai Qiao Township Liujia Qiao Tang Shiwu House 合肥市肥东县江淮侨乡六家畈·畈塘拾吾舍

Equipment: canopy, tables and chairs, lamp strings, barbecue, bonfire, outdoor movies, etc

Cost: 200 yuan per person

Reason for recommendation: Located on the most beautiful south bank of Liujia Niubitang Park, the B&B Group is transformed from Jianghuai residential buildings. It has 2000㎡ sunshine lawn, Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, fishing center and other functional facilities to meet the housing needs of parent-child family tours, parties, business receptions, conference group building, research and training, etc. At present, the B&B Group is the largest and most complete high-end boutique B&B group in Hefei.

3. 1952 Granary Cultural and Creative Park light luxury camping 一九五二粮仓文创园轻奢露营

Address: Feidong County Changlinhe Town 1952 granary cultural and creative park 肥东县长临河镇一九五二粮仓文创园内

Equipment: 8 tents, 4 canopies, 6000 square meters of lawn, complete water, electricity, lighting and sound equipment, bonfire, barbecue, picnic or singing, welcome to bring your own equipment

Fee: Basic venue fee 60 RMB per person per day

Reason for recommendation: The camping site is located in Liujia Ancient Town on the shore of Chaohu Lake, only 20 kilometers away from Hefei Binhu District, with obvious location advantages and beautiful natural environment. A five-minute drive from the camp is the famous Internet celebrity check-in place – Red Stone Tsui Park, where you can enjoy the sunset of Chao Lake.

4.Yujin Zhangli Township Campground 北冥有鱼锦张里乡野营地

Address: Feidong County Qiaotou Market Town Huaguang Community Jinzhang Group, navigation search “North Fish Jinzhangli Township Campground” 肥东县桥头集镇华光社区锦张组,导航搜索“北冥有鱼锦张里乡野营地”

Equipment: No need to bring your own equipment

Fee: Charged, only by appointment

Reason for recommendation: 50 minutes drive from Hefei City, the idyllic house here is like a castle, there are forest wooden houses, and every little thing here carries the pride and warmth of hand-made. Bring your children here to listen to the frogs, and when you look up, you can see the sky full of stars.

5. Black Reservoir Campground 黑洼水库露营地

Address: Feidong County Baogong Town Jingju Community Heiwa Reservoir 肥东县包公镇净住社区黑洼水库

Equipment: You need to bring your own equipment (here is a pristine, no supporting area, and the infrastructure is being improved.) Kindly remind tourists to pay attention to safety and protect when camping in the wild. )

Cost: Free

Reason for recommendation: Heiwa Reservoir, a paradise between green mountains and green waters. The aura of the mountains and the spirit of the water soothe the restless mind and heal all troubles. Bring your gear, bring your loved ones, plunge into the embrace of nature, and enjoy and heal! However, when you come to Heiwa Reservoir, please consciously abide by the relevant regulations on the safety management of Heiwa Reservoir.

6. Qingyang Mountain Outdoor Campground 青阳山户外营地

Address: Hefei Feidong County Changlinhe Qingyang Mountain Outdoor Sports Camp 合肥市肥东县长临河青阳山户外运动营地内

Equipment: Outdoor canopy, tables and chairs, lamp strings, barbecue, bonfire, outdoor movies, etc. There are chess and card rooms, game machine rooms, tea tables, KTV singing rooms, five-star cauldron stoves, and 6 suites with different themes.

Cost: 100–300 yuan per person

Reason for recommendation: Beautiful Chao Lake shore, 1 hour in the city, convenient transportation. Three-story small western-style villa, three or five family private rooms, independent and private play. Meet your one-stop service of eating, lodging and traveling, eating food and playing projects, climbing mountains to watch the sunrise, and watching the sunset. There are many adult parent-child projects in the outdoor sports camp, such as paragliding, Internet celebrity chicken-eating real CS, and a variety of water play projects.

7. Red Stone Tsui Campground 红石咀露营地

Address: Hefei Feidong County Hongshizui Park Hongshizui Campground 合肥市肥东县红石咀公园·红石咀露营地

Equipment: canopy tent, tables and chairs, colorful containers, outdoor barbecue, open-air concerts, etc

Cost: 200 yuan per person

Reason for recommendation: Hongshi Tsui Campground is located in Hongshi Tsui Park, adjacent to Jianghuai Qiao Township Liujia, the core camping area covers an area of 100 acres, built in accordance with the four-star standard of FICC camp of the International Camping Federation, with a high-standard lawn area of nearly 50000,1000 square meters, which can accommodate 2000 people camping at the same time. Hongshi Tsui Campground includes fixed campsites, free camps, RV campsites and other camping zones and many outdoor leisure and amusement formats, providing one-stop high-end quality services for outdoor camping enthusiasts, aiming to become the largest and most abundant leisure camping base in Huanhefei and even East China.

In Feixi

8. Spring Water Source Ecological Farm 春水源生态农庄

Address: S241 Fengle Nova Kindergarten in Feixi County southwest side 肥西县S241丰乐新星幼儿园西南侧

Equipment: Bring your own camping tents

Fee: 128 yuan / person, half price for children aged 3 to 9 (including self-service barbecue, open-air movie, breakfast the next day); 50 yuan / person, children from 1 meter to 1.2 meters half price, free under 1 meter (only breakfast on the second day of the venue) camping area free WIFI, shower, parking

Reason for recommendation: This is a five-star farmhouse in Anhui Province, is the “forest oxygen bar”, the farm set modern ecological breeding, amusement, catering, picking, expansion, camping is equal to one, in the beautiful scenery and surrounded by mountains and rivers, you can wander the mountains and rivers without distraction, relax, you can also show your skills, the whole table of delicious farm dishes or set up a grill, red and hot to barbecue…

9. Zipeng Mountain Valley of the Wind Nature Farm 紫蓬山风之谷自然农场

Address: Feixi County Zipengshan Tourism Development Zone Juxing Street Zhang Laoxu Brigade Department 肥西县紫蓬山旅游开发区聚星街道张老圩大队部

Equipment: You need to bring your own equipment

Fee: Admission fee is 100 yuan per person, camping is not charged separately

Reason for recommendation: The farm is beautifully landscaped and has reached the level of European estates in horticulture and garden design. The farm has more than 100 acres of berry orchards and vegetable fields, dozens of acres of pasture, two or three acres of amusement parks and fifteen acres of garden homestays, and the farm has horses, small black pigs, sheep, chickens, geese and other animals.

10. Merrill Bay Ecological Farm 美林湾生态农庄

Address: Su Xiao Community, Yandian Township, Feixi County (300 meters south of Hetong Highway) 肥西县严店乡苏小社区(合铜公路南300米)

Equipment: You need to bring your own, open flames are strictly prohibited

Fee: 50 RMB per person per night for camping site and bathing room, free for children under 120cm

Why we recommend it: Impeccable starry nights, expansive outdoor lawns, delicious beers and delicious barbecues. The park has a beautiful environment and green trees, with pavilions, bridges, cloisters, and walking paths around the park.

11. Poetry Sweet Garden 诗韵甜园

Address: Feixi County Shishugang Township New Street Community Huangjiaxu Group No. 2 肥西县柿树岗乡新街社区黄家圩组2号

Equipment: Camping gear is provided and bring your own as well

Cost: 128/person (camping equipment and washing are provided); RMB 50 per person (need to bring your own equipment, provide washing)

Reason for recommendation: Yuntianyuan is based on the original pastoral scenery, green and environmentally friendly homestay architecture as the core, simple and heavy folk culture as the starting point, combined with the local intangible cultural heritage culture Artemisia Zi Cao and Huaijun’s hometown “Tang Wufangxu” to create a rural leisure tourism holiday base integrating pastoral scenery, characteristic homestays, leisure and entertainment, and cultural experience.

12. Xilu Impression Culture and Art Exchange Center 西庐印象文化艺术交流中心

Address: Feixi County Zipengshan Tourism Development Zone Phoenix Village Phoenix Small College 肥西县紫蓬山旅游开发区凤凰村原凤凰小学院内

Equipment: RVs and starry sky tents are available, you can also bring your own equipment

Fee: 298 yuan / person (provide buffet, barbecue, camping equipment, limited to Friday, Saturday and Sunday); 50 RMB/person (need to bring your own equipment, no dinner, washing)

Reason for recommendation: The building is antique and staggered, you can climb high and overlook the distance, and you can have a winding path; The accommodation has RVs, starry sky tents, etc.; The cultural exchange center holds cups of tea, calligraphy and painting, famous collections…

13. Xiangyuan Flower World Scenic Area 祥源花世界景区

Address: Northwest of the intersection of Jinzhai South Road and Shenzhen Road, Shangpai Town, Feixi County

Equipment: Tents provided

Fee: 99 yuan / person (including scenic spot tickets, tents, fixed venues and washing places)

Reason for recommendation: Xiangyuan Flower World is a national 4A-level scenic spot, with “one lake and eight gardens” landscape, as well as bungee jumping, zipline, colorful slides, beach motorcycles and other experience projects. Tourists wander among them, close to the European-style garden scenery, far away can gently support the lake scenery, embrace nature, enjoy flowers and take photos, camping and stargazing, cultivate emotions.

14. Hoshino Ponto 星野蓬境

Address: Feixi County Zipeng Town New Countryside 肥西县紫蓬镇新农村

Equipment: Equipment is provided, or you can bring your own equipment

Cost: In the process of site renovation and upgrading, the cost is to be determined

Reason for recommendation: Surrounded by mountains on all sides, the center is an open lake, dense mountains and forests, rich vegetation, ecological nature, beautiful environment, lake and mountain scenery and village idyllic scenery, beautiful scenery, fresh air. The dreamy pure white bubble house has an unobstructed open view, and the room is also equipped with astronomical telescopes, so you can watch the moon and count the stars with your loved ones.

Zipeng Mountain Scenic Area 紫蓬山风景区

Address: No. 2, Forest Avenue, Feixi County, Hefei City, Anhui Province 安徽省合肥市肥西县森林大道2号

Equipment: Bring your own equipment (no overnight)

Cost: No charge

Reason for recommendation: It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the forests are dense. The mountains are shady and the air quality is good, so you can bring a tent to camp here and watch the night sky.

15.Guanting Lin Hai

Address: Feixi County 312 National Road and Yingbin Avenue intersection 肥西县312国道与迎宾大道交叉口

Equipment: Bring your own equipment (no overnight)

Cost: No charge

Reason for recommendation: Guanting Linhai is a national 4A-level tourist scenic spot and national ecological park. There are more than 300 acres of Fengxiang Lake in the park, the water of the lake is crystal clear, and the shore is scattered with seedlings and flowers. Around the east bank of Fengxiang Lake is a forest meadow, on the flat and soft lawn to “camp” as you like, get close to nature, experience the fun of outdoor camping, think about it is very comfortable.

16.Moon Bay Ecological Farm 造甲月亮湾生态农庄

Address: Moon Bay Ecological Farm, Shuanghe Community, Zaojia Township, Changfeng County

Equipment: You don’t need to bring your own

Cost: 198 yuan / person

Reason for recommendation: sunshine, breeze, blue sky, white clouds, as well as camp games, national karaokes, open-air barbecues, bonfire parties and many other attractions.

17. Beicheng Ecological Health Manor 北城生态养生庄园

Address: Jinmei Road, Gangji Town, Changfeng County, 长丰县岗集镇金梅路中断

Equipment: Camping equipment, do not need to bring your own

Fee: Charged

Reason for recommendation: There are fishing gardens, picking gardens, lotus gardens, farmhouse leisure cabins, RV camps, tent camping, as well as farm specialties, cauldron stoves & barbecues.

18. Flowers bloom on Yijing Momo 长丰县义井镇甄大郢村

Address: Zhen Daying Village, Yijing Town, Changfeng County

Equipment: Equipment is provided, you do not need to bring your own

Fee: Charged

Reason for recommendation: This is a leisure tourism resort with agro-ecotourism destination as the overall positioning. With supporting services, leisure travel, team building, science, education and research, strategic cooperation and other sectors, the park strives to create diverse environments such as green fields, water sources, rice fields, hidden forests, original (garden) houses, camping, etc., and creates a very ecological, experiential, entertaining and educational pastoral rural short-distance tourism destination.

19. Shuangdun Haibao Huan Campground 双墩海宝焕野营地

Address: Haibao Village, Shuangdun Town, Changfeng County

Equipment: Equipment is provided, you do not need to bring your own

Fee: Charged

Reason for recommendation: 30 kilometers away from the main urban area of Hefei, this is an ancient village with a long history, providing light luxury tents with complete facilities, moving in with bags, and easily experiencing the fun of camping without burden.

20. Yangmiao Ma Ying Practitioner Farm

Address: Changfeng County Yangmiao Town Ma Ying Community 长丰县杨庙镇马郢社区

Equipment: Equipment is provided, you do not need to bring your own

Fee: Charged

Reason for recommendation: The farm covers an area of nearly 150 acres, equipped with a large lawn of 2500,<> square meters, with a theme activity area, outdoor cauldron stove, barbecue, camping, open-air movie and bonfire experience area, research and learning experience area supporting a noodle research workshop, a nature experience hall, N demonstration fields, etc., you can also experience fruit and vegetable picking, lobster fishing, fishing in troubled waters, feeding small animals, etc.

21. In Chaohu

Village Starry Sky Camp

Address: Chaohu City Huanglu Town Village 巢湖市黄麓镇厵村

Equipment: Equipped and can bring your own

Cost: 299 yuan / person (bring your own equipment cost 99 yuan / person)

Reason for recommendation: 12000 square meters of large lawn, borderless swimming pool, lakeside café, fully enclosed mountain view luxury starry sky camp, children’s play facilities, check-in distribution center. Services include camping, barbecue, team building, bonfire party, theme music festival, etc.

22. The peak of Jianshan Lake Yiqu Park is outdoors

Address: Chaohu City Miaogang Township Jianshan Village Jianshan Lake Yiqu Park 巢湖市庙岗乡尖山村尖山湖逸趣园区

Equipment: Full equipment is available, or you can bring your own

Fee: Reservation package required

Reason for recommendation: professional team, convenient transportation, wide site, rich natural resources

23. Peninsula Flower Creek Paradise Fancy Lying Camp

Address: Chaohu City Huanglu Town Peninsula Huaxi Park 巢湖市黄麓镇半岛花溪乐园内

Equipment: can bring your own, can be rented (rent 200 yuan / person)

Cost: 150 yuan per person

Reason for recommendation: Provide services including afternoon tea set, BBQ set, open-air cinema, open-air KTV, band singing, team building games, balloon arrangement, etc., with 2 campsites to choose from.

24. A Baiyun’an holiday homestay campsite

Address: Chaohu City scattering town Daling Village Baiyun’an holiday homestay 巢湖市散兵镇大岭村一方白云安度假民宿

Equipment: Provide all kinds of canopies, outdoor tables and chairs and triangular tents, barbecue grills, etc

Cost: RMB 8 per person for less than 150 people; RMB 8 per person for 8 or more people.

Reason for recommendation: Provide services including bonfire roasting whole sheep, self-service barbecue, outdoor movies and outdoor KTV equipment, including children’s play equipment, and can also participate in picking.

Nest chapter

25. Banyu Gale Bay Wild Campground

Address: Hefei Anchao Jingkai District Bantang Dafeng Bay Wild Campground 合肥安巢经开区半汤大风湾野野露营地  

Equipment: No need to bring your own equipment, bag check-in (one tent for two people overnight, at least one day in advance)

Fee: Charged

Reason for recommendation: A comprehensive campsite with an area of 200 acres, with 100 acres of reservoir and large flower sea, pine forest, can receive large-scale camping activities, the campsite has perfect infrastructure and play facilities, you can bonfire and paddle board and watch open-air movies, very friendly to camping novices and family camping, and there will be regular resident singer performances, full of atmosphere.

In Lujiang

26. Yunlian concave

Address: Lujiang County Wanshan Town Yunli Anwo Homestay 庐江县万山镇云里安凹民宿

Equipment: You can bring your own

Cost: No fee is required

Reason for recommendation: The life of the concave continues to grow in the evening breeze, in the green field, and in the “soft” grass. The sky like a starry river, the tent with the answer, the exquisite long table cold meal, the embrace of the mountains, when the wind blows the plains, it is like a natural oxygen bar, come and integrate yourself into the embrace of this fresh and pleasant nature.

27. Jintanghu Wetland Park

Address: Jintanghu Wetland Park, Tangchi Town, Lujiang County 庐江县汤池镇金汤湖湿地公园

Equipment: You need to bring your own equipment, no reservation is required

Cost: No fee is required

Reason for recommendation: Jintang Lake Wetland Park grassland is very wide, especially suitable for tourist hipsters who like to check in and take photos, and if the weather is good, it is quite a film! Spread beautiful dinner cloths on the large lawn, set up a tent, eat with family and friends, chat and enjoy the good time outdoors…

28. Hagino Ki Light Luxury Camp

Address: Dushan Scenic Area, Baihu Town, Lujiang County 庐江县白湖镇独山风景区

Equipment: Provide equipment

Fee: Charged

Reason for recommendation; With experience as the core, outdoor tourism, parent-child study, outdoor education, and immersive experience as highlights, Hananoki Camp provides camping enthusiasts with immersive and scene-based services such as surrounding vacations, camp education, research team building, and bonfire parties.

29. Komita

Address: Luohe Town Yangjiadun Scenic Area Xiaomantiancheng Pastoral Complex 罗河镇阳家墩景区小满田塍田园综合体

Equipment: Equipment is provided or you can bring your own

Cost: There is no charge for bringing your own equipment

Reason for recommendation: There are mountains and waters, woods and lawns, you can sing, live broadcast, and you can do your own “cookout”. There are also many rides in the Xiaomanda Pastoral Complex, which is enough to play all day.

30. Shaoma Wang Xuri

Address: Hefei Lujiang County Tangchi Town Baihua Village Cultural and Creative Wang Xu 罗河镇阳家墩景区小满田塍田园综合体

Equipment: Equipment is provided or you can bring your own

Cost: There is no charge for bringing your own equipment

Reason for recommendation: Stars overhead, green feet, listening to the aftersound, tasting all kinds of food. Set up a tent and spend a day in the green forest to experience a comfortable life.

In Yaohai

31. Youth creative pastoral

Address: Yaohai District Tianmen Mountain Road and Moon Bay Road intersection youth creative pastoral starry sky lawn

Equipment: You need to bring your own equipment and provide a venue

Cost: Free



Address: West Lawn of Yangtze River 180 Art Block 长江180艺术街区西草坪

Equipment: You need to bring your own equipment

Cost: Free

Reason for recommendation: National 3A scenic spot, old industrial cultural heritage characteristic landscape. Located in the main urban area, the transportation is convenient, and the subway line 2 Caochong station is directly accessible. At night, the Xingjie Cultural and Creative Market is brightly lit and rich in fireworks. Every place exudes the most authentic attitude to life, and it is an immersive literary scene loved by young people.

In Luyang

32. Mikuni New Town Ruins Park

Address: No. 1, Park Road, Sangang Township, Luyang District, Hefei 合肥庐阳区三十岗乡公园路1号

Equipment: You need to bring your own equipment

Fee: Charge, scenic spot ticket 25 yuan

Reason for recommendation: Located in the suburbs of Hefei, ten minutes drive from the main city, the park has a beautiful lawn, open space, green grass, minutes to take beautiful photos of the circle of friends, in addition to camping, you can also stroll around the park, understand the history and culture of the three countries, is a good place for leisure tourism.

33. Sangang Township Eco-Agricultural Tourism Zone

Address: Hefei Luyang Sangang Township Ecological Agricultural Tourism Zone 合肥市庐阳三十岗乡生态农业旅游区

Equipment: You need to bring your own equipment

Cost: Free

Reason for recommendation: Sanjigang Eco-Agricultural Tourism Zone is located in Luyang District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, bordered by Dongpu Reservoir in the south and the main canal of the Chu River in the north, 15 kilometers away from the center of Hefei. The geographical location is unique, located in the Jianghuai watershed, which is a typical hilly landform. The forest coverage rate is 44%, and the greening rate of trees reaches 80%, which has the reputation of “natural oxygen bar” and “urban ecological park”.


34.Little Lingnan

Address: Xiaomiao Town, Shushan District, Hefei City 合肥市蜀山区小庙镇小岭南

Equipment: canopy, table and chairs, light strings, barbecue, bar, KTV, shower room, etc

Cost: There is no charge for bringing your own equipment

Reason for recommendation: Xiaolingnan Campground is a 40-minute drive from Hefei downtown, with a large original lawn of <>,<> square meters, which can accommodate dozens of tents at the same time, suitable for team building, birthday parties, parent-child trips and friends’ travel. The camp has a complete infrastructure with public toilets, showers and a kiosk. Provide rental services such as tents, canopies, barbecue grills, etc. There are various amusement facilities around the camp for friends to play and experience, and there are Internet celebrity homestays such as Four Seasons B&B and Daoxiang Fengnian nearby.

Bao River chapter

35.Binhu National Forest Park

Address: Huanhu North Road, Baohe District

Equipment: You need to bring your own equipment

Cost: Free

Reason for recommendation: Binhu National Forest Park is wooded, shaded by greenery in summer, and a tent is set up. The park offers exclusive areas for pitching tents, but open flames are prohibited and safety is important while embracing nature.

36. Camp Xiaobanli

Address: Daxu, Baohe District 包河区大圩

Equipment: No need to bring your own, food and drinks are provided

Fee: Charged, advance reservation required

Reason for recommendation: Take a trip that you can go, Xiaobanli Camp will help you get it easy! It not only provides equipment such as canopies, butterfly chairs, egg roll tables, camping lamps, etc., but also provides barbecued meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, Internet celebrity drinks, and all kinds of food. After eating, you can also pet the dog, fly kites, K songs, board games with your friends… Photo props are also available.

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