Practice Test 98

In the Listening Test 98, you will hear 4 audio recordings and answer questions 1-40 based on what you hear.

Section 1 is a telephone conversation between a customer and a sales assistant

Section 2 is an online guide giving a tour of the home of the future.

Section 3 is a conversation between a tutor and a student talking about the future assignment.

Section 4 is a presentation given by a student on the process of urbanization.

Section 1

Questions 1-10

Questions 1-10

Complete the form below.



Example: Answer
Reason for calf: problems with WEBSITE
Name: 1_______________ Freeman
Title of book: 2________________
Author: Richard 3________________
Type of book: 4________________
Price: £ 5________________
Payment method: 6________________
Delivery address: 7________________ , London N22
Delivery type: 8________________
Delivery date: 9_______________
Delivery instructions: If out leave with a 10________________


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Written by professional IELTS teachers to help candidates on the big day

Section 2

Questions 11-20

Questions 11-16

Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C. Write answers next to 11-16 on your answer sheet.

11 What will wake people up in the home of the future?

A Body temperature.

B The sound of an alarm clock.

C The movement of the bed.

12 What will shoes be able to do by themselves?

A Walk faster.

B Play music.

C Float on air.

13 What kind of clothes will people be wearing?

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A Clothes that make us more intelligent.

B Clothes that can interpret how we are feeling.

C Clothes that are powered by electricity.

14 What can the house do?

A Control the shower temperature.

B Turn off the taps.

C Wash your back.

15 What will the Internet be able to do?

A Understand when you are worried

B Project what’s in your fridge.

C Help find something you’ve lost.

16 What will the fridge do when people are low on milk?

A Deliver the milk.

B Send an email to the shop.

C Defrost some in the freezer.

Questions 17-20

Label the map below.

Write the correct letter, A-F, next to questions 17-20 on your answer sheet.

The living room of the future


Section 3

Questions 21-30

Questions 21-25

Choose FIVE letters, A-H. Write answers next to 21-25 on your answer sheet.

Which FIVE things has Sally already done?

A emailed four businesses

B written up results

C contacted three businesses

D started writing the assignment

E read A Starting Success

F skimmed a document

G borrowed a book

H researched data

Questions 26-30

Complete the flow-chart below.

Choose FIVE answers from the box and choose the correct letter A-G for questions 26-30 on your answer sheet.

A beginning

B choices

C document

D language

E opening

F questions

G scales

How to write a questionnaire

Keep your 26______________ simple

Try to make the 27____________ of the document interesting.

Make sure that the 28________________ uses standard terms that aren’t too formal or informal

Limit or avoid open questions.

Use simple 29_______________ to make it quicker for the recipient.

Put your 30_______________ in a logical order.

Section 4

Questions 31-40

Questions 31-40

Complete the notes below.

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Impact of Urbanization

The effects of urbanization:

Example: in the U.S.

only 33______________ of land built on

loss of 32_____________ far larger

Could impact on world 33_____________ in future

Research methods:

a weather 34______________ for clouds was used

land use divided into 35__________________.

data used to calculate the 36_______________ of all areas


urban areas often built on the 37__________________.

a second study confirmed that prime land is being converted

38__________________ of vegetation is lost per annum

The future:

countries such as 39______________ and need to do investigations

stop investing in infrastructure in areas of fertile land

encourage people to move by giving them 40__________________.


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Section 1

1 Zara
2 Future worlds
3 Watson
4 Self-help
5 12.99
6 Credit card
7 62 Green Gardens
8 Free(delivery)
9 21st February/21 February
10 Neighbor/Neighbour

Section 2

11 C
12 B
13 B
14 A
15 C
16 B
17 A
18 C
19 F
20 D

Section 3

21 C, D, F, G, H (in any order)
22 C, D, F, G, H (in any order)
23 C, D, F, G, H (in any order)
24 C, D, F, G, H (in any order)
25 C, D, F, G, H (in any order)
26 D
27 A
28 C
29 G
30 F

Section 4

31 3%/ three percent/3 per cent
32 Productive land
33 Food supplies
34 Satellite
35 3 categories/ three categories
36 Total productivity
37 Best soil(s)
38 91 million tons/91 million tonnes
39 India (and) China
40 Financial incentives


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