Practice Test 54

In the Listening Test 54, you will hear 4 audio recordings and answer questions 1-40 based on what you hear.

Section 1 is a conversation between a man and a woman discussing the rental of a car.

Section 2 is a speech by the master of a University Hall of Residence giving a short introductory talk to new students at the University Hall of Residence.

Section 3 is a conversation between 2 students discussing their project.

Section 4 is a lecture on advertising.

Section 1

Questions 1-10

Questions 1-5

Complete the form below.



Example                                                                                                  Answer
Date Car Needed                                                                           7th August

Customer’s Name  Mr. John Wilson
Customer’s Address Manchester  1_______________
Postcode  MW7 4DF
Home Tel.  020 6834 6387
Mobile Tel.  2_________________
Driving License No.  3__________________
Number of Drivers  1
Length of Rental  4__________________days
Car Make Chosen  5_________________

Questions 6-8

Complete the Cheapies Customer Information Leaflet below.


Cheapies Customer Information Leaflet

Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for hiring a car from Cheapies. We value your custom and we will endeavor to provide you with what you expect.

Total Price: 6___________________

Pick up point: The International Hotel

Drop off point: 7_________________

We provide some things in the car to help you. Your sales representative will go through all the things that you will find in your glove compartment and boot. Different cars have different things provided.

In case of 8___________________or __________________ call our emergency number 06387 638 972 to order a replacement car.

Questions 9 and 10

Choose and circle TWO letters A-J next to 9-10 on your answer sheet.

Which TWO items are NOT provided in Mr. Wilson’s hire car?
A insurance documents

B Westley town map

C the car manual

D a larger area map of the local district

E a map of London

F a spare wheel

G a set of tools

H RAC membership card

I a small fire extinguisher

J spare keys for the car

Section 2

Questions 11-20

Questions 11-15

Answer the questions below.


11 When is breakfast served in Chelston Hall on Sundays?

12 What method of food service is provided at Chelston Hall dining hall?

13 Where are coffee and tea served after dinner at Chelston Hall?

14 How much does it cost to do 1 wash in a washing machine at Chelston Hall?

15 From where can students buy washing powder inside Chelston Hall?

Questions 16-20

Complete the sentences below.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

16 It is not the job of the cleaners at Chelston Hall to clear up __________

17 Students at Chelston Hall are asked to be careful going to and from the bathroom as the Hall is__________

18 If there is a fire at Chelston Hall, leave the building and meet your block leader in ___________where the block leader will take a roll call.

19 Chelston Hall has to perform at least______________emergency fire practices yearly.

20 If a student is asked to leave for disciplinary reasons, he or she will not get a ____________

Section 3

Questions 21-26

Complete Judith’s notes below.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.


North Sea oil and gas exploration was initially rejected but has now really expanded during 21________________years.

First significant quantities of gas first discovered in Groningen area off The Netherlands in 1959.

First British discovery of same in West Sole field, off the coast of East Anglia, by 22__________________in 1965.

British oil and gas industry experienced rapid growth in the early years.

An 23______________________ in the UK led to enormous pressure to increase the production of North Sea gas and oil.

Oil field discoveries increased with British, European and American firms buying North Sea exploration 24_____________________________

In the 1990s the oil business suffered due to 25_________________________of oil.

Production grew and peaked around 2000/1.

The North Sea is currently looked upon as a 26_____________________on a slow decline.

Questions 27-30

Complete the summary of Fred’s talk below.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.


Although the Sea Gem was the first North Sea oil exploration accident, the most well-known accident was aboard the Piper Alpha platform in 1988 when 13 people died. Because of  these and other accidents, platforms now have rigorous safety procedures, for example:

Installation Safety Tour showing all safety aspects eg: 27_________________

emergency muster stations
28______________________emergency procedures

Rig Safety Programme Introduction

Weekly Safety Meetings

Daily Pre “Tour” Meetings

Inter-Company Safety Information Scheme

Fire and Boat Practice with 29______________________________

Mock Abandon the Rig Exercise

Statistics now show that these measures have succeeded and that workers are more likely to be killed on 30______________________________

Section 4

Questions 31-40

Questions 31-34

Complete the lecture notes below.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Billboard Advertising

Johannes Gutenberg invented 31_______________________________in 1450.

The lithographic process perfected in 1796.

In 32_________________________-Jared Bell’s office in New York made the first large US outdoor poster when he printed circus posters.

In 1900 a boom in national billboard campaigns was created in America with the advent of a ___________________of a billboard.

Last year US expenditure on outdoor advertising reached $5.5 billion.

Over the next few years, there is an expectation of a 34_____________________________-in outdoor advertising.

Question 35-40

Choose a letter A-D that correctly completes the following statements next to 35-40 on your answer sheet.

35 Allan Odell decided to use roadside advertising because_______

A no one else had tried it.

B other people were beginning to use it.

C it was the cheapest form of advertising.

D other people were improving their sales through it.

36 Allan Odell’s first advertisements were________

A successful.

B boring.

C hard to understand.

D too far apart.

37 Allan Odell’s second type of advertising_______

A criticized people.

B amused people.

C made fun of people.

D irritated people.

38 Allan Odell’s company eventually decided to stop this form of advertising because_______

A it was no longer effective.

B people were in a hurry.

C it was old fashioned.

D people criticized the rhymes.

39 The main purpose of Lyndon Johnson’s bill was to______

A improve the condition of the roads.

B stop roadside advertising.

C reduce federal grants.

D make the roads and countryside more attractive.

40 Roadside advertising continued because_______

A it was good for business.

B some states did not get federal aid.

C federal laws did not apply to some roads.

D some states ignored the law.


[restrict paid=true]

Section 1

1 95 Green Lane
2 07779 724 868
3 WIL 94857 8269
4 four/ 4
5 Toyota
6 £170
7 The International Hotel
8 breakdown + an accident
9 E
10 J

Section 2

11 8.00 am (to 9.30 am)
12 cafeteria style
13 the common room
14 £1/ 1 pound
15 (a) vending machine
16 kitchens
17 co-ed
18 (the) car park
19 2/ two
20 refund (of fees)

Section 3

21 the last 40
22 BP drilling rig/ Sea Gem
23 economic crisis
24 leases
25 global price fluctuations
26 mature province
27 Fire extinguishers
28 lifeboat stations
29 a mock fire
30 a building site

Section 4

31 moveable type printing
32 1835
33 standardised structure
34 healthy increase
35 D
36 A
37 B
38 A
39 D
40 C


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