Practice Test 52

In the Listening Test 52, you will hear 4 audio recordings and answer questions 1-40. The recordings will be played only once.

Section 1 is a conversation between two women as one of the women buys a bus pass.

Section 2 is a radio presenter interviewing a man about the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Section 3 is a conversation among 3 students discussing a survey they are going to do.

Section 4 is a lecture education marine biology.


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Section 1

Questions 1-10

Questions 1-5

Complete the form below.



Example: PASS APPLIED FOR Answer: 1 month
NAME Nathalie1 __________________
ADDRESS 45 2____________ Newlands Adelaide
DATE OF BIRTH 3____________, 1982
TELEPHONE NUMBER 4______________
ZONES REQUIRED 5 _________________

Questions 6-10

Complete the notes below.


Adelaide Day Trips on the Bus

The MacDonald Nature Park
Outward Journey Leaves 8.00 am
Length of Journey 2 hours
Return Journey Leaves 6 _____________
Things to do/see Walk nature trails + MacDonald River
Bring A camera
Pearl Bay
Outward Journey Leaves 9.00 am
Length of Journey 7____________
Return Journey Leaves 4.00 pm
Things to do/see Walk along 8 ________+ see view Lie on the beach + swim
Bring Swimming gear + a towel
The Huron Gold Mine
Outward Journey Leaves 9.30 am
Length of Journey Half an hour
Return Journey Arrival time 9_____________
Things to do/see Go round the museum and tunnels, find some gold!!
Bring 10 ____________

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Section 2

Questions 11-20

Questions 11-16

Complete the sentences below.

Write NO MORE THAN 3 WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer.

11 The highest point of the bridge is 134m above ____________

12 The two pairs of pylons are made of_________________

13 ___________ % of the steel for making the bridge came from the UK.

14 800 families from________________compensation to accommodate the construction of the approaches to the bridge.

15 People________________was the main cause of death of workers while constructing the bridge.

16 Three_______________ were made to mark the opening of the bridge. One is worth several hundred dollars today.

Questions 17-20

Choose FOUR letters (A – J) and write them next to 17-20 on your answer sheet.

Which FOUR of the following facts are NOT true about the Sydney Harbour Bridge today?

A There are no more trams crossing the bridge.

B There are eight traffic lanes on the bridge.

C Trains still cross the bridge.

D People are allowed to walk across the bridge.

E Buses are allowed to cross the bridge.

F The Harbor Tunnel has not helped traffic congestion on the bridge.

G More than 182 000 vehicles cross the bridge daily.

H Horses can no longer cross the bridge.

I Bicycles are not allowed to cross the bridge.

J To go back and forward across the bridge costs $6.

Also check :

Section 3

Questions 21-30

Questions 21-27

Complete the sentences below.

Write NO MORE THAN 3 WORDS for each answer.

21 While waiting for Phil, Mel and Laura were____________________

22 A telephone survey was rejected because it would be _________________

23 A mail survey was rejected because it would_______________________

24 The best number of people to survey would be_______________________

25 If their survey only included 100 people, it would not be _____________________

26 The number of people that Laura, Phil and Mel agree to survey was_________________

27 The number of questions in the survey was agreed to be_________________________

Questions 28-30

Circle THREE letters A-G. Write answers next to 28-30 on your answer sheet.

What are the three locations that Laura, Phil, and Mel chose for their survey?

A The town square

B The train station

C The university cafeteria

D Dobbins department store

E The corner of the High Street and College Road

F The bus station

G The corner of the High Street and Wilkins Road

Section 4

Questions 31-40

Questions 31-34

Complete the table below by matching the individual with their role (Questions 31-34) in the lecture on the coelacanth.

Write the appropriate letters A-F on your answer sheet.

NB There are more roles than individuals so you will not need to use them all.

Dr. J.L.B. Smith 31_________________
Marjorie Courtney-Latimer 32_________________
Dr. Mark Erdmann 33_________________
Captain Goosen 34_________________


A Paid fishermen for unidentified finds.

B Caught a strange-looking fish.

C Contacted scientists in Indonesia.

D Photographed a coelacanth seen by accident.

E First recognized the coelacanth for what it was.

F Bought a specimen of a coelacanth in a market.

Questions 35-40

Choose the correct letters A-C, Write answers next to 35-40 on your answer sheet.

35 The coelacanth was_____

A well known to Indonesian fishermen.

B unknown to Indonesian fishermen.

Ca first in the market.

36 The only difference between the Comoros coelacanth and the Sulawesi coelacanth is_____

A their intracranial joint.

B their paired fins.

C their color.

37 Coelacanths seemed to have their greatest population_____

A 360 million years ago.

B 240 million years ago.

C 80 million years ago.

38 Modem coelacanths probably left no fossilized remains over the past 80 million years because___

A of too much clay sediment.

B conditions where they lived were not favorable for fossilization.

C volcanoes are needed for fossilization.

39 Scientists had a better understanding of the coelacanth after 1991 because_____

A the French government had previously limited study on the Comoros coelacanth.

B Comoros were far away and difficult to reach.

C Comoros opened an airport.

40 On the 1991 expedition, scientists studied the coelacanth_______

A only from fishermen’s specimens.

B through the windows of their submarine.

C from diving down.


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Section 1

1 Jameson
2 Forest Avenue
3 8490
4 6249 7152
5 1-5
6 4.30 pm
7 1 hour
8 The cliffs
9 1.30 pm
10 A sweater

Section 2

11 Mean Sea level
12 concrete and granite
13 about 79
14 438
15 Falling
16 (Postage) stamps
17 D
18 F
19 G
20 J

Section 3

21 Chatting/ talking
22 Too expensive
23 Take too long
24 1000
25 Statistically significant
26 500
27 5
28 A
29 D
30 E

Section 4

31 E
32 A
33 D
34 B
35 A
36 C
37 B
38 B
39 A
40 B
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