Practice Test 48

In the Listening Test 48, you will hear 4 audio recordings and answer questions 1-40.

Section 1 is a conversation between a man and a woman discussing a loss of bag on board of a plane.

Section 2 is a welcome speech given to the new students of the university.

Section 3 is a conversation between two students discussing their new term at the university.

Section 4 is a lecture on Environmental science.

Section 1

Questions 1-10

Questions 1-5

Complete the form below.Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD OR A NUMBER for each answer.




First Name: Kirsty

Surname: Allen

Address:1 _____________ Windham Road Richmond

Postcode: 2 _____________

Home tel. 020 8927 7651

Mobile tel.3______________

Flight Number: 4___________

Seat Number:5____________

From New York

To London Heathrow

Questions 6-8

Circle THREE letters A-F. Write answers next to 6-8 on your answer sheet.

What items did Kirsty’s bag contain?

A 17 pounds

B pens

C her passport

D a book

E 200 dollars

F her house keys

Questions 9 and 10

Choose a letter A-D that correctly answers questions 9-10 on your answer sheet.

9 What has Kirsty done regarding the loss of her credit card?

A Informed the police but not the credit card company.

B Informed the credit card company but not the police.

C Informed both the police and the credit card company.

D Informed neither the police nor the credit card company.

10 What must Kirsty do after the call regarding her lost handbag?

A Call back after 1 1/2 hours.

B Just wait for a callback.

C Call back after 1 1/2 hours if she has heard nothing.

D Call back the next day if she has heard nothing.

Section 2

Questions 11-20

Questions 11-14

Label the locations on the map below.


Questions 15-20

Complete the notes below.Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Notes on Student Facilities

Students’ Union Very cheap


Food and drink available


Offices – travel, welfare, etc.

Open 8 am -12 midnight

Library Must register

Tours every 15_____________for 2 weeks.

Open 9 am – 9 pm (later during 16_______________)

Refectory Cheap meals

Lunch 12 noon – 3pm

Dinner 17____________________8.30 pm

Types of food – favourites




Sports Hall Must join Athletic Union which – lets me use facilities

lets me play for teams
19_____________me all year

Discount Card Costs 20 £___________

Gives me discounts on all uni. services

Section 3

Questions 21-30

Questions 21-25

Complete the table below Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

John Jane
Day of Arrival Thursday 21________________
Subjects Studying economics






Monday’s 9am lecture french history
Monday’s 2pm lecture maths 23_________________
Wednesday afternoon sport selected 24__________ volleyball
Location of Sport sports hall 25_________________

Questions 26-29


26 Students can choose from how many essay titles for their first assignment? ___________

27 Where did John travel during the summer?___________

28 What is the word limit for the essays?____________

29 When must the first essay be handed in by?_____________

Question 30

Circle the correct letter A-C. Write answer next to 30 on your answer sheet.

30 Where will John and Jane meet up later that day?

A the economics course office

B the economics common room

C the campus cafeteria

Section 4

Questions 31-40

Questions 31-34

Choose the correct letters A-C. Write answers next to 31-34 on your answer sheet.

31 Japan relies on oil tankers because_____

A the country consists of islands.

B the country has no pipeline network.

C the country has no natural oil resources.

32 Professor Wilson says that oil tankers are_____

A very safe.

B quite safe.

C quite unsafe.

33 According to Professor Wilson, the main cause of oil slicks is_____

A accidents while loading and unloading oil.

B Collisions.

C deliberate releases of oil.

34 According to Professor Wilson, slicks are rarely burned off nowadays because____

A the oil is refined.

B it usually doesn’t work.

C it creates too much air pollution.

Questions 35-39

Complete the notes below.Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

Oil exploration clean-up techniques

Techniques Advantages Disadvantages
The Containment Boom Cheap and easy Only good when there are 35__________
Chemical Detergents Good for treating 36__________ Chemicals remain in the water + kill marine life.
The Sponge Oil remains permanently in the sponge. The sponge mats turn into 37_____________
Bacteria Cheap

Easy to administer

Totally 38______________


Question 40

Complete the notes below.Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

Optional essay question.

Remember to check out the faculty’s notice boards. You will find:

reading lists

essay questions

40 ________________


[restrict paid=true]

Section 1

1 48
2 R16 GH7
3 07754 897 432
4 PA 365
5 E6
6 B
7 D
8 E
9 C
10 C

Section 2

11 Student’s Union
12 University Library
13 Hall of Residence
14 Sports Hall
15 2 hours
16 Final exams
17 6 pm
18 Vegetarian
19 (Fully) insures
20 £50

Section 3

21 Tuesday
22 Economics
23 free/nothing
24 Squash
25 Main sports hall
26 About 10
27 Africa and Asia
28 4000 words
29 30th October
30 B

Section 4

31 C
32 B
33 B
34 B
35 Very calm seas
36 Larger slicks
37 Toxic waste
38 Eco-friendly
39 No (discernable) drawbacks/none
40 Deadline for submission


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