Practice Test 44

In Listening Test 44, you will hear 4 audio recordings and answer questions 1-40.

Section 1 is a conversation between a receptionist of camping centre and a customer who wants to make a booking.

Section 2 is a staff member briefing a group of mothers on the attractions at the Children’s Grand Forest play centre.

Section 3 is a dialogue between a PE teacher and an administrator at a summer school.

Section 4 is a monologue given to parents on planning further education of their students.

Section 1

Questions 1-10

Q. 1-8

Complete the notes below.


Fairview Lake Camping Centre

The three functions of the centre are:

conference centre

Example: educational institution

place for full-filled weekends

The customer wants to bring children who have 1  _______________________

SPORTS: Sailing, windsurfing, volleyball, rowing, and a sport most children have never tried which is 2 ________

Accommodation Facilities

The Birch Unit – sleeps 3 ___________________

Greenback Row – sleeps the same number of people.

Cabins 1-3: sleep 10 people

Cabins 4 ______________ : sleep 12 people each

Mr Bryson’s booking arrangements

The customer would bring 5 ______________ students for the course.

He would like to book the course starting Sunday 6 _________________

The cost for one week would be 7 ___________________ per child.

The school’s telephone number is 8 ______________________

Q. 9 and 10

Choose the correct answers A-C and write them next to 9-10 on your answer sheet.

9 The receptionist suggests Mr Bryson’s group eat with the other groups because

A it works out cheaper that way.

B it’s more sociable.

C you can do your own cooking.

10 Before he decides whether to accept the course or not, Mike Bryson will

A check with a higher authority.

B ask for lower prices.

C see what the children have to say.

Section 2

Questions 11-20

Q. 11-15

Label the map below.

Write the correct letter, A-G.







Q. 16-20

Label the diagram below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.







Section 3

Questions 21-30

Q. 21-22

Which TWO courses does the summer school offer?

A preparation courses for graduate studies

B teacher training

C future employment

D graduate studies

E management training course



Q. 23-27

Choose the correct answers A-C and write them next to 23-27 on your answer sheet.

23 Paddy is interested in the sports programme because

A he needs a qualification to teach PE.

B he wants to improve his general teaching skills.

C he has been told to attend it.

24 The swimming course concentrates on

A competitive swimming.

B teaching beginners.

C technical aspects of swimming.

25 Paddy is interested in the equestrian course because

A he thinks it will help him get better employment.

B there is great interest in this sport in his present school.

C he has always been interested in riding.

26 The beginners on the equestrian course will be taught

A basic horsemanship.

B only dressage and show jumping.

C only flatwork and show jumping.

27 When is the deadline for enrollment?

A mid-April

B late April

C early May

Q. 28-30

Complete the summary below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Paddy is also interested in a course on 28 _______________, but he knows nothing about it. Conveniently, it is a 29 ____________ so it doesn’t matter that he is back at school. Apart from that, he is advised to take a 30 ______________, which will teach him body awareness, and an appreciation of music.

Section 4

Questions 31-40

Complete the notes below.


Sending your child to University

Someone with a higher education earns 31 _______________ more than someone without.

In 1997 maintenance grants abolished and 32 _____________ introduced.

University fees increasing – up to 33 _____________________ a year.

Average undergraduate needs 34 __________________ for 3 years.

Almost 80% of students’ cost are 35 _______________________.


Students’ tuition can be paid for, in part, if they join the 36 ___________________.

The RAF will sponsor, but students must take up at least 37 _______________ service commitment.

Students good at sport might secure a 38 _____________________.

The University of Kent gives a 39 _______________ cricket bursary to promising players.

Student Loans:

Maximum 40 _________________ is 5,000 pounds.

Needn’t be paid back until after graduation.


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Section 1

1. Failed exams
2. Archery
3. 8 people
4. 5,6 (5 and 6)
5. 22
6. June 24th
7. £ 425
8. 1304 647864
9. B
10. A

Section 2

11. C
12. B
13. A
14. G
15. D
16. Ride
17. Pay station
18. Performance
19. Arena
20. Man

Section 3

21. A
22. D
23. B
24. C
25. B
26. A
27. C
28. rhythmic gymnastic
29. weekend course
30. dance course

Section 4

31. 50%
32. tuition fees
33. 6000
34. 25000
35. living expenses
36. armed forces
37. 4 years
38. (sports) scholarship
39. 1500
40. yearly loan


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