Practice Test 4

Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change. Others, however, think that change is always a good thing. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Essay Type

Discussion essay


  • Sentence 1: Introduce the given topic and state whether or not people should make changes in life
  • Sentence 2: Clearly and directly state your point of view with one short and simple sentence (agree with people who think change is a good thing)


  • Paragraph 1: Two reasons why some people prefer spending time doing the same things are because they have passion for what they do and a fear of uncertainty.
  • Paragraph 2: Two reasons why others think change is always a good thing are because it brings new experiences and fortifies characteristics.


  • Restate your opinion with a clear and direct sentence (agree with people who think change is a good thing).

Sample Essay

Many people prefer their daily routine while others always look for change as they believe the change would bring more benefits. In my opinion, I would agree with the latter point of view.

On the one hand, there are several reasons why some people want to stick to their routine. Firstly, they are passionate about what they do every day. For example, street artists in Vietnam love creating colourful artworks in public without any desire for change despite little earnings. Secondly, some people have merely adopted a fear of uncertainty that prevents them from changing their ways of life. If they changed their current jobs, there would be no guarantee that other jobs would bring the same level of satisfaction as the previous one, which explains why they embrace the routine over change.

On the other hand, I would side with those who think that change is better. People would have new exciting experiences. For example, instead of staying at home and watching TV, some people would go on a motorbike trip or do mountain climbing to enjoy the open air. Furthermore, making changes in one’s life is believed to enhance his/her talents. When a person focuses only on what he is doing daily, he would never know his true potential. A song composer would never discover his aptitude for singing if he did not dare to get on stage.

In conclusion, I believe changing one’s lifestyle continuously has a positive impact on his/her life.

Band 9 Sample Essay

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There is a certain section of the human diaspora who prefer sticking to one chore or the way of life they are accustomed to, however, another school of thought thinks about transformation and changes to the mode and way of life they are living as. I am inclined towards the latter standpoint.

Changes sometimes could feel slightly overwhelming and an onerous deal to think of to some people. They might consider stabilizing themselves to the boundaries of their comfort zone and might not want to drift to another spectrum or an entirely distinct array. There could be several causes to take into consideration their opinion for this. Conventionally shelled strata might not find it appealing to leave the nest they have fabricated for such a long time and could find it enchanting to stick to their caricatured dynamics. A threat or uncertainty to the economic influx might be another reason to think of. Hopping from one professional domain to another one might not sound safe to some people though they might have a flair for the other domains as well. The threshold of daily survival could be a restrictive chord for them, which prevents them from daring to change, the good or bad decision comes later, but it could be apprehensive to them to go for a new lease.

Coming to the facet of believers of dynamism, there are a noteworthy number of mindsets that think that change is inextricably linked with the reality of the world as nothing is for permanence, to which I correspond too, as well. In a multi-dynamic world that is so volatile and transformational, sticking to one string of routines might not be lucrative in the longer run. From a work-front perspective, it could be very fruitful if one skims through various options culminating in the realization of their knack for an ordeal they would spot in the journey, which they might not even have thought of had they not looked around for their proficiency in the journey of analyzing various spectra of job roles. From a viewpoint of children too, for that matter, it has been reconnoitred that a group of kids who are involved more in recreational activities, prove to be more concentrated, focused and sharper in their life ahead.

All in all, it could be therefore argued that change is not a matter of option, it indeed is a requirement, and if we see it in the vision of introspection, change and modification is an inevitable part of life, and so is the case in every nook of it.

Band 9 Sample Essay

Masses are evolving as per the need of the hour. In the past, a majority of people seemed contented with their ordinary, mundane lives. They didn’t have any issue doing the same task again and again. On the contrary, there were only a few who wanted consistent change. However, in the present era, the tables have turned, and the former category’s proportion has declined substantially. Regardless of the age, it has become quite arduous for people to sit at a place to relive the same day again and again. In my opinion, I believe alterations are essentials.

Primarily, it cannot be overlooked that some people create their own comfort zones with routine practices, which they get accustomed to. Clearly, people don’t find the need to learn new things as they are fine by being cognizant with the activities they perform habitually. For example, in this digital age, senior citizens will find it difficult to read the latest affairs on an electronic device as they are not familiar with features and how to operate such gadgets seamlessly.

However, it can be argued that people can integrate more adventure into their lives by opting for new experiences and trends. And, it is obvious that success and progress can be accomplished when somebody tries exploring newer ideas that could be advantageous for the improvement of life. For instance, suppose there is a businessman who suffered major losses in his professional life. Now, he can resort to new technologies and strategies to build the business from the ground and earn more profit. This can be achieved by abandoning obsolete styles while being keen on accepting modern ways.

In conclusion, there is always a heated argument in regards to whether people should stay conservative in the methods of living a life or resort to modernized ways. However, I believe that the idea of success can be achieved by embracing new techniques and living standards.


  • Repeating their daily routine
  • Have passion for
  • A fear of uncertainty
  • The same level of satisfaction
  • Embrace the repetition
  • Enhance his/her talents
  • His limits or his potential

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