Practice Test 35

In Listening Test 35, you will hear 4 audio recordings and answer questions 1-40.

Section 1 is a conversation between a woman and a man who works in a tourist information office.

Section 2 is an audio guide for a public library.,

Section 3 is a conversation among a university tutor and 2 students talking about a presentation they have made in a recent botany seminar.

Section 4 is a lecture describing some investigations into the sense of taste.

Section 1

Questions 1-10

Complete the table below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Name Location Cost of a double room notes
Hostelling International West End Example 10 minutes from downtown by

Answer …..…bus.…….

$50 per night but only $ 1 ______for members Membership card offers a discount on entry to 2 ______

Internet access costs $3 per 3 ______

4 ______ Hostel Near the beach. Two-minute walk to 5 ______ $62. Meals extra but only available in
6 ______
Was built as a hotel in 7_____

Can hire
8 ______ from the hostel

Backpackers Hostel In9 ______ district $45 plus $5 for breakfast A 10 ______ on every floor for guests to use

Section 2

Questions 11-20

Q. 11-15

Label the map below.

Choose FIVE answers from the box and write the correct letter A-H.

A biography

B fiction

C magazines

D newspapers

E non-fiction

F photocopiers

G reference books

H study area







Q. 16-20

Choose the correct answers A-C and write them next to 16-20 on your answer sheet.

16 After two years, library members have to ________

A show proof of their current address.

B pay for a new membership card.

C bring a passport or identity card into the library.

17 What happens if you reserve a book?

A It will be available after five days.

B You can collect It a week later.

C You will be contacted when it is available.

18 Which materials can be borrowed for one week only?

A some reference books


C children’s DVDs

19 On which day does the library stay open later than it used to?

A Wednesday

B Saturday

C Sunday

20 Large bags should be left on the ________

A first floor.

B second floor.

C third floor.

Section 3

Question 21 – 30

Q. 21-25

Choose the correct answers A-C and write them next to 21-25 on your answer sheet.

21 Why did Anita and Lee choose to talk about John Chapman?

A He was Lee’s childhood hero.

B They wanted to talk about the USA.

C He was relevant to the topic of their studies.

22 Where did the students record their sources of information?

A on their laptops

B on a handout

C on a database

23 The tutor claims she does not understand whether ________

A apples grew in America before Europeans arrived.

B the Native Americans had always eaten apples.

C American apples were first bred in Europe.

24 The tutor says the audience was particularly interested to hear about ________

A grafting techniques in ancient China.

B the cultivation of apples in Kazakhstan.

C the spread of apples along the Silk Route.

25 How will Anita and Lee present their follow-up work?

A on the department website

B as a paper

C as a poster

Q. 26-30

Choose the correct answers A-C and write them next to 26-30 on your answer sheet.

What do Lee and Anita agree about their presentation skills with their tutor?

A excellent

B acceptable

C poor

Presentation skills

26 use of equipment

27 handling software

28 timing of sections

29 design of handout

30 clarity of speech

Section 4

Questions 31-40

Complete the table below.

Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD for each answer.


Procedure Result Cause
more yellow added to the green colour of 31 ______ subjects believed extra
32 ______ added to drink
brain influenced by a product presentation
gum chewed until it is
33 ______ then again with sugar
mint flavour 34 ______ sweetness necessary for mintiness
the same drink tasted cold and at room temperature 35 ______ drink seems sweeter temperature affects sweetness
crisps were eaten in rooms which were 36 ______ with louder crunch, subjects believed crisps taste
37 ______
sound affects taste perceptions
variety of cheese sauces prepared subjects believed some sauces tasted less strong 38 ______ affects taste perceptions
two different flavoured
39 ______ tasted together
subjects still tasted
40 ______ when no longer there
the brain is filling the taste ‘gap’


[restrict paid=true]

Section 1

1. 41
2. museums
3. hour
4. Ellis coat
5. ferry
6. summer
7. 1887
8. scooter(s)
9. entertainment
10. kitchen

Section 2

11. B
12. H
13. C
14. E
15. A
16. A
17. C
18. C
19. B
20. B

Section 3

21. C
22. B
23. A
24. C
25. A
26. A
27. B
28. C
29. B
30. A

Section 4

31. cans
32. lime
33. tasteless
34. returns
35. warm
36. soundproofed
37. fresher
38. texture/thickness
39. liquids
40. strawberry


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