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Some people believe that visitors to other countries should follow local customs and behaviour. Others disagree and think that the host country should welcome cultural differences. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Essay type

Discussion essay


Sentence 1: Give an introduction about adhering to the new customs.

Sentence 2: Clearly and directly state your point of view with one short and simple sentence (agree with people who think the host country should welcome differences in culture)


Paragraph 1: Two reasons why some people think tourists should follow the culture of the locals are as there is an integration into a new environment and to avoid conflicts.

Paragraph 2: Two reasons why others think new culture should be welcomed are because culture diverges significantly, depending on different countries and regions and to avoid hindrances to tourism.


Restate your opinion with a clear and direct sentence (agree with people who think the host country should welcome differences in culture)

Sample Essay

There are different opinions on whether visitors should comply with local traditions, or the locals should accept foreign lifestyles. In my opinion, the host country should welcome new patterns of belief and culture.

On the one hand, there are several reasons why some people think tourists should adhere to the new customs. Firstly, such adherence would enable them to integrate more easily and quickly into the new environment. For example, if a person from the US understood table manners or learnt how to use chopsticks, he would have familiarized himself with Vietnamese tradition after a few days. Secondly, following the customs of the new country would help in avoiding social conflicts and, sometimes, hostility. A sense of isolation and loneliness could be the price for those who refuse to adapt to the new environment.

On the other hand, I would argue that the host country should accept the culture of the tourists. Culture diverges tremendously across different countries and regions, depending on their historical backgrounds. Therefore, it is rather absurd to compel tourists to comply with the new country’s lifestyles. Besides, being flexible would be a powerful way to develop the host country’s tourism industry. On being allowed to behave according to their cultural standards, visitors would feel respected and satisfied. Also of great significance is their recommendation to their friends and relatives to travel to those places, leading to the growth of tourism.

In conclusion, I would agree with the people who support the idea of appreciating new culture.

Band 9 Sample Essay

These days, the industry of tourism is flourishing at a tremendous speed. Courtesy to the escalate in the transport industries and commencement of holiday packages, people often travel to other nations for a variety of reasons, be it official trips or holidays. Thus, there is an ongoing debate regarding whether visitors should follow local behaviours and customs while visiting host countries or not. I will discuss both the views in the below paragraphs and mention my perception.

First and foremost, when visiting other nations, foreigners carry their own cultures along. However, during their stay in other countries, if they adopt the local values and customs, it will be extremely helpful for them to communicate effectively with locals. Also, when they adjust to the behaviour of local people, it helps them socialise better. As a result, this helps people understand foreigners to a great extent. Second, this helps foreigners to have insights into local rituals and cultures. This understanding assists our culture to get on a global scale; thereby, attracting more people. In turn, this attracts a variety of visitors from varying countries, giving the much-needed boost to the tourism industry and polishing up employment opportunities.

Additionally, I would like to put my opinion that the host country should accept what tourists and foreigners bring in the form of their own cultures. Since culture is massively divergent, it will be nearly impossible to compel every tourist to leave behind their ethics and comply with the lifestyle of the host country, irrespective of the time period they are spending there. Besides, the host country also gets to develop its tourism industry this way as more and more people will be inclined towards visiting the country.

To sum it up, by keeping the advantages in mind, I believe that there should be a balanced exchange of behvaiour and cultures between local people and foreigners. This way, both the countries can relish advantages of trading and acceptance of one another. And then, unquestionably, this also leaves a positive impact on the economy of both nations.


  • Comply with local traditions
  • New patterns of belief and behavior
  • Adhere to the new customs
  • Integrate more easily and quickly into the new environment
  • Social conflicts and, sometimes, hostility
  • A sense of isolation and loneliness
  • Adapt to the new environment
  • Compel tourists to comply with the host country’s lifestyles

Band 9 Sample Essay

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Some people believe that visitors to other countries should follow local customs and behaviour. Others disagree and think that the host country should welcome cultural differences. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

In the wake of increasing tourism, relevant issues have been seen emerging to the foreground as well, and customary norms and behaviour by natives and tourists are one of them. A considerable number of people often argue that travellers and tourist guests should comply with the customs and traditions of the place they are visiting, while significant others believe that cultural behaviours should be welcome. This essay will deal with both the views followed by mine.

Every region has its own nuances and grades of customs and heritage, to which a considerable proportion of locals adhere to. When it comes to the visitors and tourists from all over the world, a school of thought vocalizes about their glueing and compliance with the prevalent set of rituals, traditions and modus operandi when it comes to operating in that particular region. This not only helps the foreigners and tourists to get cognizance of regional customary norms but also buttresses the existing culture and promulgates the same.

In contrariety, significant others stand strongly with the notion that the varied cultures of diverse backgrounds should be duly and wholeheartedly welcome that comes along with the tourists. I support this side of the argument as our society, at large, is an amalgamation of different cultures and this should be entirely followed and complied with in all walks of life. A visitor from another part of the world has been conditioned in a specific set of customary principles, in such a case, anticipating him/her to behave entirely in accordance with the traditional practices of a host region is not at all admissible and plausible hence, it could miff the visitors coming to a particular behaviour owing to such ardently austere practices culminating in the notoriety of a place and questioning its prestige. Economically too, therefore, it shall mar and aberrate the growth of a place. Moreover, accepting the varied culture and acknowledging it mutually would propose amicability across different regions.

In conclusion, it could be evidently summed up that cultural polarity and incongruence should be accepted rather than making a spartan set of rules in the case of tourists.

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