Practice Test 25

Section 1

Questions 1-10

Q. 1-5




Surname Jones

First names: Louise Cynthia

Address: Apartment 1, 72 1 ____________ Street Highbridge

Postcode: 2____________

Telephone: 9835 6712 (home) 3 ____________ (work)

Driver’s licence number: 4 ____________

DOB: 25th Month: 5____________ Year: 1977

Q. 6-8

Write THREE letters A-F.

What types of films does Louise like?

A Action

B Comedies

C Musicals

D Romance

E Westerns

F Wildlife

Q. 9 and 10


9 How much does it cost to join the library?

10 When will Louise’s card be ready?

Section 2

Questions 11-20

Q. 11-13

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Expedition Across Attora Mountains

Leader: Charles Owen

Prepared a 11 ____________ for the trip

Total length of trip 12 ____________

Climbed the highest peak in 13 ____________

Q. 14 and 15

Choose the correct answers A-C and write them next to 14-15 on your answer sheet

14 What took the group by surprise?

A the amount of rain

B the number of possible routes

C the length of the journey

15 How did Charles feel about having to change routes?

A He reluctantly accepted it.

B He was irritated by the diversion.

C It made no difference to the enjoyment.

Q. 16—18

Write THREE letters A-F.

What does Charles say about his friends?

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A He met them at one stage on the trip.

B They kept all their meeting arrangements.

C One of them helped arrange the transport.

D One of them owned the hotel they stayed in.

E Some of them travelled with him.

F Only one group lasted the 96 days.

Q. 19 and 20

Write TWO letters, A-E

What does Charles say about the donkeys?

A He rode them when he was tired.

B He named them after places.

C One of them died.

D They behaved unpredictably.

E They were very small.

Section 3

Questions 21-30

Q. 21-25

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Tim Jane
Day of arrival Sunday 21 ____________
Subject History 22 ____________
Number of books to read 23____________ 24____________
Day of the first lecture Tuesday 25 ____________

Questions 26-30

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

26 What is Jane’s study strategy in lectures?

27 What’s Tim’s study strategy for reading?

28 What is the subject of Tim’s first lecture?

29 What’s the title of Tim’s first essay?

30 What is the subject of Jane’s first essay?

Section 4

Questions 31-40

Q. 31-35

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Course Type of course: duration & level Entry requirements
Physical Fitness Instructor Example Six-month certificate None
Sports Administrator 31____________ 32 ____________ in sports administration
Sports Psychologist 33 ____________ Degree in psychology
Physical Education Teacher 4 years degree in education 34 ____________
Recreation officer 35____________ None
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Q. 36-40

Write the appropriate letters A-G against question 36-40.


Job Main Role

Physical Fitness Instructor 36

Sports Administrator 37

Sports Psychologist 38

Physical Education Teacher 39

Recreation Officer 40

  1. the coaching of teams
  2. the support of elite athletes
  3. guidance of ordinary individuals
  4. community health
  5. the treatment of injuries
  6. arranging matches and venues
  7. the rounded development of children


[restrict paid=true]

Section 1

1. Black
2. 2085
3. 94561309
4. 2020BD
5. July
6. B, D, F (in any order)
7. B, D, F (in any order)
8. B, D, F (in any order)
9. $25/ twenty-five dollars / 25 dollars (refundable)
10. next week / in a week / in one week / the following week

Section 2

11. route book
12. 900 miles/ nine hundred miles
13. North Africa
14. A
15. C
16. B, C, E (in any order)
17. B, C, E (in any order)
18. B, C, E (in any order)
19. B, D (in any order)
20. B, D (in any order)
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Section 3

21. (on) Friday
22. Biology
23. 57/ fifty-seven (books)
24. 43/ forty-three (books)
25. Wednesday ( NOT the day after)
26. use a cassette/ record the lecture/ (she) record(s) them/ (she) record(s) lectures/ recording
27. skimming / (he) skims (books) / skim (the) book first / skim reading
28. (The) French Revolution
29. Why study history? Why study history
30. animal language / (the) language of animals

Section 4

31. 4 month certificate/four-month certificate
32. (current) employment / job
33. 1 year diploma/ one-year diploma
34. none/ no (prior) qualifications
35. 6 month certificate/ six-month certificate
36. C
37. F
38. B
39. G
40. D


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