Practice Test 23

Discuss the reasons why people define happiness differently and how to obtain happiness?


Essay type

Direct question essay


State your answer to the questions

Begin with a general idea that takes into account the key topic words (a definition of happiness). Then include a thesis statement.


Paragraph 1: Address the question. It’s not a surprising fact that people pursue different interests and have different objectives to attain in a lifetime. Also, their objectives and interests depend on their age.

Paragraph 2: Mention solution: one’s characteristics, pursuits and philosophies.

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Summarize the answer for the question.

Sample Answer

It is quite common that individuals hold different view towards happiness. I think the perception of happiness varies dramatically from one person to another as a result of the combined effect of individual characteristics and environmental factors. These elements decide the approaches adopted by people to obtain happiness.

It’s not a surprising fact that people pursue different interests and have different objectives to attain in a lifetime. Also, their objectives and interests depend on their age. An individual may have a passion for toys as a child, fashionable clothes as a teenager, a rewarding career as an adult and possibly the company of family members as an older adult. We can see that a person’s attitudes and concerns are subjected to change. For instance, following the latest fashion is appealing to young people such as purchasing trendy consumer products or changing a hairstyle. In contrast, older people are hardly bothered about what they wear or how they look.

In addition to these visible factors, there are some other factors that affect a person’s perception of happiness. These intrinsic factors include one’s characteristics, pursuits and philosophies. For example, people often perceive the value of money differently. Some people sacrifice everything for wealth, whereas others take it more lightly. They treasure family, friends, hobbies and their core values. It is also one of the reasons why people see events such as marriage, family reunion, a promotion, and so forth differently and also react differently to trouble or bad luck, for example, accidents, conflicts, divorce to name a few.

Because people are encouraged to attain their happiness, they must evaluate whether the objectives are attainable or not. High expectations for the future might bring nothing but increase levels of stress and a sense of disappointment. Setting a reachable target is a recommended alternative. Another step to be taken is setting prioritizing things in one’s life, such as money, health, growth, fame, power and relationship. It is almost impossible to attain all that are targeted. The secret is to identify the top priorities and spend your energy on those.


  • Perception
  • Dramatically
  • Characteristics
  • Attain
  • Appealing
  • Intrinsic
  • Pursuits

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The feeling of happiness is a complicated emotion that is unique to each individual. We all interpret this sentiment differently due to the vastness of our life experiences and the source of joy for a person might be hugely distinct from another person. In the following paragraphs, I will explore the questions posed by the topic in detail.

We are all aware that contentment is what humans strive for in life because it is our nature. This statement is incomplete without acknowledging that the meaning of happiness can be immensely different and something enjoyable might be taxing for another person. Although there can be various reasons for this characteristic, a key factor, that is tremendously responsible for shaping someone’s personality is their upbringing and the circumstances of their childhood. For instance, material possessions delight people who were raised, in well to do households, whereas individuals from modest backgrounds, might not be attracted to materialistic pleasures.

Furthermore, this trait in human nature facilitates the diversification of the sources of pleasure in a great way. Since the spectrum of pursuits that can be entertaining are so dissimilar, a definite path to being cheerful is hard to pinpoint. An individual’s nature and preferences significantly influence the avenues which bring elation to a person. These choices have always evolved with time and are also dependent on the kind of life someone is leading. Presently, social status and financial freedom are invariably considered appealing attributes in society and thereby deemed gratifying.

To sum up, it is a widely known fact that humans enjoy being joyful. However, the path to finding a healthy source of joy can be difficult and requires experience and maturity. Nonetheless, it is necessary to understand that physical and mental well-being is an honest approach to a fulfilling life.

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