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Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions. Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Essay type

Discussion Essay (Discuss both views and give your opinion)


Sentence 1: Introduce the topic stating the difference in salaries between sport celebrities and people in other professions.

Sentence 2: Clearly and directly state your point of view with one short and simple sentence (agree with people who think this is unfair)


Paragraph 1: Consistent hardwork and training along with participation in local or international competitions and bringing laurels for their country are two of the reasons why some people think sport celebrities’ high salaries are justifiable.

Paragraph 2: Other professions which are indispensable and much more essential for society such as Research or medicine. Those professionals are paid much less than sport celebrities despite their great contributions. Sometimes sport starts might set a bad example or bring down the image of their country. But they still receive huge payments and sponsorships, which is unfair. These are the two reasons why others think it is unfair.


Restate your opinion with a clear and direct sentence (agree with people who think this is unfair)

Sample Essay

People have different views about the vast difference in salaries between sports stars and people in other professions. In my opinion, I would argue that it is unfair for people working in other fields.

On the one hand, many people justify sports stars’ current salaries. Firstly, they believe that becoming a successful individual in sports would require consistent hard work and vigorous training. If those celebrities did not have considerable determination, their chances of worldwide acknowledgment would have been less. Therefore, they truly deserve high salaries in terms of what they go through. Secondly, they represent their countries by participating in international competitions, such as the World Cup, and bring laurels for their nations, which justifies their enormous earnings.

On the other hand, I would side with those who think that it is unfair for people in other sectors to receive low salaries. Other professions, such as scientific research or medicine, are indispensable and much more essential for social development and security. However, science or medical experts are paid much less than sports celebrities, regardless of their outstanding contributions to technological advancement and health care. Furthermore, sometimes sports stars might set a bad example or bring down the image of their country. But they still receive huge payment sand sponsorships when compared to scientists and doctors, which is unfair.

In conclusion, I agree with people who think paying sport professionals much higher than others who silently contribute to society is unreasonable.

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There is a considerable bias when it comes to the pays and salaries of sports dignitaries and other professionals. One school of thought where on one hand is seen validating the difference, another group dissents the practice. However, I find myself agreeing with the latter standpoint and consider it as a partial trend that is going on.

Being a sports professional is not a facile set of work. It takes an immense amount of dedication, perseverance and determination to be one. People who support and justify sportspersons being paid more often put forth the fact that the discipline and especially the risk at large during their entire career make them worthy of being paid more. They imperil their stable lifestyle and risk their career, owing to the uncertainty and faltering growth curves. Moreover, even during their peak career, the training and perspiration only speed up the integrity of their commitment. Given all that they go through, a certain number of people find it justified for the sports stars to be paid more than other domains.

In contrast to that, there are innumerable instances and arguments which uphold otherwise and have more equanimity-oriented views when it comes to the earnings of all other people working in a different set of employment. Teachers, for instance, who are found glorified and panegyrized in the day-to-day context are paid way lesser than the sports professionals. They, who steadfast and embolden the basic foundations of any person are always found to be getting minimal salaries just to keep their life going in the most basic standards. Similarly, doctors, scientists and researchers are found employed on much lesser wages corresponding to the immense toil and diligence they put forth. This seems starkly unfair and prejudice against other immensely crucial arenas of work. As was sarcastically remarked by one of the scientists during the covid-19 pandemic as to why isn’t the world going after the footballers to research for a vaccine when they are paid way more than a toiling scientist, shows how overlooked and understated this issue is.

Conclusively, it could thus be stated that since every profession and job is important unequivocally, then some professions being emphasized and prized more than others is inappropriate and fallacious.


  • Consistent hardwork
  • Considerable determination
  • Worldwide acknowledgement
  • Win honour for
  • Social development and security
  • Totally unfair

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